Create a Teacher Evaluator User Account

You can create a teacher or group head user account. Group heads can evaluate teachers and other group heads in the same group as them. For information about groups, see Create a Group.

  1. On the navigation bar, click Accounts > Create new account.


  1. For Account Type, click Teacher or Group Head. You can give a user permission to evaluate other users by making them a group head and adding them to a group.

    You create a group head account for the English department head and create teacher accounts for all other English teachers. Then, you can create a group for the English department and add all teachers and the department head to it. Since the department head has a group head account, they can evaluate all users in the group. Please refer to Different Types of Teacher Evaluator Accounts for different account types you can have in Teacher Evaluator.

    Please note that Group Heads are not Administrators in Teacher Evaluator. To create an Administrator account, you'll need access to the SuperUser account. If you are unsure who manages your SuperUser account, please contact

  2. Type the user’s First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  3. Optional: Type the user's Unique ID and State ID.

    If your school uses AdminPlus, we recommend inputting a user's Unique ID so their evaluations can be synced to AdminPlus. To find a person's Unique ID, see How to Find a Student or Staff Member's Unique ID. If you are a Massachusetts school, we recommend inputting a user's State ID, otherwise the MEPID value is blank when you generate a Massachusetts State Report.

  1. In the All Schools list, click the schools the user belongs to.
    The schools move to the Selected Schools list.
  2. Optional: In the All Groups list, click the groups you want to add the user to.

    If you add a teacher user account to a Group Head group, the user's account type changes to group head.

  1. To be able to evaluate the user, select the User can be evaluated check box.
  2. If the user teaches, select the This user is an educator check box.

    This setting is important if you use the Massachusetts State Report report generator. 

  3. To inform the user you've created an account for them, select the Send creation email check box.
  4. Click Add Account.

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