Edit Information for an Existing Teacher Evaluator Account

After creating a user account, you can edit any information about the account, such as account type or which school(s) or group(s) the user belongs to.

  1. Click/tap Accounts on the navigation bar, and then click/tap View All Accounts.
    View All Accounts
  2. In the Name column, find the account to be edited, and click/tap Edit button in the Options column.

    Edit Account

    If you have a long list of accounts, use the Search bar to quickly locate a specific account by typing either the person's name or the group to which he or she belongs.

  3. On the Edit Account page, make the necessary changes to the account.

    If you need to change the account type (for example, making a teacher the Group Head of a department), click/tap one of the Account Type options.

  4. To reset the account holder's password, click/tap Reset Password Icon at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click/tap Save at the bottom of the page when all necessary changes to the account have been made.

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