Batch Create Teacher Evaluator Accounts

You can easily batch create accounts for both teachers and staff members by importing data from a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. All accounts created in batch have basic teacher permissions. Therefore, you must set specific permissions for each account individually. 

Only the SuperUser has the ability to batch create accounts. If you want the teacher evaluations to be imported into Admin Plus, you must add a Unique ID to teacher accounts that matches their Unique ID from Admin Plus

  1. Click/tap Setup on the navigation bar, and then click/tap Bulk User Import.

  2. On the Import Staff Data page, select each type of optional information field to be imported for the accounts by checking the box next to each included option within the CSV file.

    The following categories are required: First name, Last name, Email, and School name.

    Each field category listed on the Import Staff Data page that you wish to import must represent a vertical column in your account spreadsheet. As a result, make sure the order of the columns in your spreadsheet matches the order displayed on the import page.

  3. To exclude a field category from the import process, make sure the box is unchecked corresponding to the category.
  4. Do one of the following:

    • If your account list includes both teachers and staff members, check the box option for Teacher.

      In your account spreadsheet, make sure to designate a Teacher column, which will be used to indicate whether the account is or isn't a teacher account. If an account is for a teacher, enter the letter "Y" for the account; otherwise, enter the letter "N."

    • If your account list doesn't include any teachers, uncheck the box option for Teacher.
  5. If you want to import Unique ID, check the box option for Unique ID, and keep in mind the following:

    • If your school owns AdminPlus, a person's Unique ID can be found in the system field 305 of AdminPlus.

    • If your school doesn't own AdminPlus, you may use any identification value for Unique ID.
  6. Once you have the file ready to import, click Choose File on the Import Staff Data screen, and browse to select the file you wish to import.
  7. Once the file has been selected, make sure the right file type is selected (whether you saved it as a CSV or TSV file), then click/tap Preview.
  8. Once the import data appears on the screen, click/tap the Check button. The program will verify the required data, and display each row in green that will be successfully created as a new user.  

    If any information needs to be corrected, revise the information within the text box, and click/tap Check.

    Hover your mouse over an area in red, and more information will appear on what the issue is. It may be that data is missing, not in the correct format, or even that the user already exists.

    In the example below, Reginald Birkenhead is missing an E-mail address, so an account would not be created for him.

  9. Once you are content with the results of the check, click/tap Submit.  The accounts will then be created within Teacher Evaluator, and a message will display in place of the check stating that the accounts have been successfully created.

More About Import Formats

Comma-separated values (*.csv)

Comma-separated value files generally have the extension of .csv and are used to store tabular data in plain-text format. Common spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers can export files in .csv format.

Tab-separated values (*.tsv)

Tab-separated value files work similarly to the comma-separated value files, except the delimiter between columns is a tab space instead of a comma. The Tab-separated value format is less common and has the extension of .tsv.

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