Deactivate a Teacher Evaluator Account

Accounts can be deactivated and activated at any time, but they cannot be permanently deleted. Deactivating an account instead of deleting it enables you to print evaluation reports for any former faculty or staff member if needed in the future.

When deactivating a user account, keep in mind the following:

  • The user won't be able to log in anymore.
  • Evaluations on the user will disappear from the evaluation list.
  • Evaluations cannot be created for deactivated users.
  • The person's performance won't be factored into any reports or statistical data for the school (including data for when the person was still an active staff member).

To deactivate an account, do the following:

  1. Click/tap Accounts on the navigation bar, and then click/tap View All Accounts.

    View All Accounts

  2. In the Name column, find the account to be deactivated, and then click/tap Activated Button in the Options column to deactivate the account.

    Edit Account

  3. To reactivate the account, click/tap Deactivated Button in the Options column corresponding to the account.

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