Create a Group in Teacher Evaluator

You can create a group for each department in your school. Upon creating a group, you can have a Group Head (that is, a department head) evaluate all teachers in the group.

  1. Click/tap Accounts > Manage Groups.
    Manage Groups
  2. On the Groups page, click/tap theCreate New Grouptab.
  3. Name the group, and click Add Group button.
  4. To add teachers to the group, click/tap the name of the group on the Groups tab, and then double-click/tap a teacher (or teachers).
  5. To delete a group, click/tap Delete button corresponding to a group on the Groups tab.

If, in your school, department heads are responsible for evaluating teachers in their departments, the next step would involve making each department head a Group Head. By doing so, each department head will be able to evaluate all of the teachers in his or her department/group.

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