MAP Assessment Reports Export Utility

Most fields in the Specifications: MAP Assessment Reports dialog box have to either be created in Data Base > Address.

Configure the MAP Assessment Report Export Utility

The MAP Assessment Reports dialog box fields change based on the Report Type you select. However, fields 1-7 are the same for both report types.

  1. In AdminPlus, click Tools > Clever Export.
  2. In the MAP Assessment Reports dialog box, configure the following:

    1. Report TypeChoose one of the following report types to export:
    • RosterFile_Web
    • ProgramsFile_Web
    2. Export PathThis determines where the report is exported. Select a valid path on your network or computer.
    3. Export File NameSet by default.
    4. Log File Path

    Set by default.

    Logs are usually stored in your RS4 folder. These specifications can be changed; however, it is recommended that you keep this specification set to the RS4 folder path.

    5. Log File NameSet by default.
    6. Export Active, Inactive, or All StudentsChoose one of the following groups to include in the exported data:
    • Active students
    • Inactive students
    • All Students
    7. Select GradesSelect the check-box for the grade(s) you want to include in the export data.
  3. Configure either the Roster File Specifications or the Program File Specifications, and then click Generate Report.

  4. The file created for export depends on the Report Type you chose:

    Report TypeAssociated File
    RosterFile_WebRoster File_Web.csv
    ProgramsFile_WebPrograms File_Web.csv

    For more information on the export files, see MAP Assessment Reports Export File Layouts.

Configure the Roster File Specifications

If you selected RosterFile_Web, do the following:

  • Students within the specified status and grade range will be exported.
  • Student ID, Student Ethnic Group Name, Instructor User Name, and Instructor ID are required fields.

    The Student Ethnic Group Name must match exactly the District preferences set in MAP

  • School Name from School Information is included in RosterFile_Web.csv.
  • Student First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Gender, and Grade are included in the RosterFile_Web.csv.

    NWEA’s MAP Assessment only accepts the Gender of M or F. The Student Grade must exactly match the District Preferences set in MAP.

  • Teacher First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name are included in RosterFile_Web.csv.
  • Course Number, Section Number, and Course Name are included as the class name in RosterFile_Web.csv.
  • Student User Name is not required for MAP Growth; however, it is necessary if you use MAP Skills or MAP Reading Fluency.

Configure the Program File Specifications

If you selected the ProgramFile_Web, do the following:

  • Student ID and Special Program Name are required fields.
  • Special Program Name requires a user-created "Programs" SuperDB table.

    Each school must check their MAP requirements to verify the values required to create Special Program Name.

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