Pictures Plus for Hosted Services

What is Pictures Plus for Hosted Services?

Pictures Plus for Hosted Services was created because the Hosted Services architecture makes it very difficult and slow to try to take pictures with a video camera attached to the workstation while logged into the hosted server. Pictures Plus for Hosted Services solves this problem.

If this is the first time you are trying to use Picture Plus in your school, please email so that we can send you the required files for the setup steps below

Pictures Plus for Hosted Services consists of two programs: 

  1. The PPlus Transfer Utility: This runs on the hosted server. It copies the student/staff data, the existing pictures, and the Administrator's Plus login information from an RS4 folder on the hosted server to a user specified RS4-TS folder on the local workstation. After you have taken new student pictures at the workstation, the Transfer Utility copies the new pictures from the workstation back to the hosted server.

    It will only copy files to and from schools that own Pictures Plus.

  2. The Pictures Plus for Hosted Services program (PPlus-TS.exe):  This program runs on the workstation. Use Pictures Plus for Hosted Services to take new student/staff pictures, to import pictures, and to design and print your ID cards.

How to set up Pictures Plus for Hosted Services


  1. Go to to download the install file.
    You will be prompted to enter a username and password. Use the following credentials:
    Username: public
    Password: rediker
  2. Select the PPlus folder:
  3. Double click on PPlus_Hosted_ClientSetup.exe to install the program on the user’s workstation.
  4. While still within the PPlus folder, also select the SFTP folder and download the following files:

  5. Once downloaded, Copy those files to C:\ProgramData\Rediker Software, Inc\Pictures Plus For Hosted Services\RS4-TS\Progs

    This path will not appear in the machine until the installation referenced in step 3 has been completed.

  6. Double click on PPlus-TS.exe. You will receive a Welcome Message – click OK
  7. Right click on the local Pictures Plus icon located on your desktop and change the properties of the path to C:\ProgramData\Rediker Software, Inc\Pictures Plus For Hosted Services\RS4-TS\Progs\PPlus-TS.exe

STEP 2:  

  1. Log into Cloud Services and launch Pictures Plus Transfer Utility (If the Cloud User does not have this icon, please email with the cloud username of the user)
  2. Browse to the R drive for your RS4 folder location
  3. Select Your Username
  4. Enter Your Password
  5. Select “Transfer Student/Staff Data”
  6. Also check the box to Include existing pictures then click on Continue (this is option is usually selected during the initial transfer)
  7. Select a School and Year then click on the Add button
  8. Click on Test to see if can successfully upload a file to the FTP site. Once you receive a Congratulations message, click on No then Done
  9. Click on Begin Transfer


  1. Copy the file PPlus_FTP.INI (attached in your email) to C:\ProgramData\Rediker Software, Inc\Pictures Plus For Hosted Services\RS4-TS\Progs
  2. Double Click on the local Picture Plus Program then log in and use the program

How to Upload and Download


In order to retrieve information from the Cloud server to the local machine please perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the Pictures Plus Transfer Utility on the Cloud
  2. Select Transfer Student/Staff Data FROM the Host Server TO your workstation and check Include existing pictures
  3. Click on continue then Begin Transfer
  4. Log into the Local Picture Plus program and click on Receive Data From FTP


In order to send data (this includes new pictures) from your local workstation to the server do the following:

  1. Log into your Local Picture Plus Program
  2. Select Send Data to FTP
  3. Log into the Picture Plus Transfer Utility on Cloud Services and select Transfer Student/Staff Pictures FROM the Host Server TO your workstation
  4. Verify that the correct school and year are select in the box then click on Begin Transfer

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