Add Students to an Existing Section


How do I enter students by section instead of bringing up each students' schedule in View/Change/Add/Drop?


  1. Navigate to Scheduling > Ent. Grades > 1. Enter grades manually.


    If you do not own the Scheduling module, go to Report Cards > Ent. Grades > 1. Enter grades manually.
  2. In the specifications screen:
    1. Make sure 1. Use Which Roster? is set to Current Roster.
    2. In the remaining specifications on Page 1, verify at least one marking period is set to Yes.
    3. Click Done.
  3. Click Lookup [F6] in the left-hand menu, select a section you would like to add one or more students to, and click Select.
  4. To add students to this class, click Add [F2] in the left-hand menu, and then Lookup [F6].
  5. In the Student Lookup dialog box, click to select a student from the list.  From this point you can do one of two things:
    • Hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the bottom student in the list that you would like to add to the class.  The system will then highlight all students between the two students.  Click Select, and all highlighted students will be added to the class roster.
    • Hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on each student you would like to add to the class.  As the Ctrl key is depressed, it will allow you to highlight each individual student.  Once you have selected all students you would like to add, click Select and al highlighted students will be added to the class roster.

You can click the column headers to sort the Student Lookup dialog box based on that column's data.  This can make it easier to select the students you need to add to the section, like sorting by Grade, as shown in the above examples.

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