AdminPlus Release: March 10, 2018

We are pleased to announce that a new release of Administrator’s Plus, version, is now available. This update improves contact management in the database, increases section data performance, and adds attendance box codes.

Hosted schools will be updated to AdminPlus version on March 10th, 2018.

For non-hosted schools using IE to download the update, some versions of IE may display a warning that “the signature of the installation is corrupt or invalid.”  If you receive this message, please use a different browser. This is an issue with Internet Explorer and not with the installer package.

New Features & Enhancements

Contact Data Base

AdminPlus now checks for duplicates when new contacts are added.

When you add a new contact, AdminPlus now checks for duplicates by comparing their first, middle and last names with those of existing contacts.  If all three names exactly match an existing contact, you will be given a choice:

  1. Add a new contact with the same name
  2. Use the matching existing contact

Report Cards

  • Extended Section Data: This data now loads and saves faster.
  • Report Writer:  Users can now select the type of absences, tardies, and dismissals that are printed in the attendance box.

Feature Fixes


Home Screen

Printing the default demographic report now works properly with field names that are over 15 characters long.

In a previous update, the maximum length of a field name was increased from 15 to 30 characters. However, it is strongly suggested not to use more than 15 characters as many screens and reports only have enough room to show the first 15 characters. Therefore, field names over 15 characters will be truncated.

 The default demographic report is obtained by clicking the printer icon with the Demographic or Lookup module selected.


Student and Staff Count charts now display properly for schools with more than 10 grade levels:

Dashboard Charts

The mini-dashboard can be customized to display 2 of 6 possible charts.  It is accessed by clicking the Data BaseSchool House icon at the top-left of the Home screen. The gear in the lower-right corner of the dashboard allows you to select which 2 of the 6 charts to display.

Dashboard Charts Icon

Clicking the Dashboard icon at the top of the Home Screen always displays all 6 charts.

Daily and Period Attendance

  • Period Attendance Log: Large Period Attendance Logs now generate properly.
  • Correct Program: In the Correct Program, the number of membership days now display properly for students linked to an alternate calendar.

    Previously, membership days were based on the master default school calendar for all students, even those linked to alternate calendars.

Report Cards

  • LMS Import Tool: Importing a grade of “0” from an externally created file now works properly.

    Previously, zeroes were not imported.

  • Grade Verification Form: Arabic Narratives on Grade Verification Forms now print properly.
  • Extended Section: The issue with displaying incomplete staff IDs in the extended section screen has been corrected.
  • Student Evaluator: Skill boxes now use the font specified in the IB template.

    Previously, the specified font had been ignored and Arial was always used.


  • Grid Schedule: Grid schedules now print properly from the Home screen when students have their first period free.
  • Add/Drop Form: When adding or dropping multiple classes from a student’s schedule at once, the option to print or not print an Add/Drop form is now honored.

    Previously, they always printed even if the setting was set to NOT print.


Holding Bin: Users are now able to edit and receive Arabic comments for incidents submitted by teachers from PlusPortals.


Billing Codes: An error no longer displays when linking a summary code to a billing debit code.

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