AdminPlus Release: November 11, 2017

We are pleased to announce that a new release of Administrator’s Plus, version, is now available. This update increases the functionality of the Auto Send feature, while also adding new features to the Database, Attendance, Report Cards, Scheduling, and Discipline Modules.

Hosted schools will be updated to AdminPlus version on November 11th, 2017.

For non-hosted schools using IE to download the update, some versions of IE may display a warning that “the signature of the installation is corrupt or invalid.”  If you receive this message, please use a different browser. This is an issue with Internet Explorer and not with the installer package.

Updates to Auto Send Top New Feature

Auto Send is a recent enhancement that sends changes made in AdminPlus to your gradebook and portals in real time, making it unnecessary to manually send most changes. As a result, teachers can see changes, such as new students in their class, as they occur, without having to wait for a scheduled auto send or a manual send.

Activate Auto Send

You can turn on Auto Send through the Database module or through the Dashboard.

To turn on Auto Send through the Database module, do the following:

  1. On the Shortcut Bar, click Data Base, and then Click Cust DB.
  2. In the Customize Data Base Plus dialog box, click Set SOS interface options.
  3. In the Interface Specifications dialog box, at the bottom of the first tab, click Yes next to Auto Update to TeacherPlus and PlusPortals.

To turn on Auto Send through the Dashboard, do the following:

  1. On the Home screen, right-click the Dashboard, and then click Setup > SOS Modules.

  2. In the Interface Specifications dialog box, at the bottom of the first tab, click Yes next to Auto Update to TeacherPlus and PlusPortals.

More Data is Included in Auto Send to TeacherPlus and PlusPortals

The following data are sent to your gradebook/portals upon exiting the screen used to edit them:

  1. Demographic changes to students, contacts and staff.

    These changes are sent upon changing to another module from Demographics on the Home screen.

  2. Roster Changes (adding or withdrawing students)
  3. Discipline Incidents
  4. Marking Period Course Grades
  5. New Field Properties (New demographic fields, field types, etc.)
  6. New Attendance Codes
  7. New Report Card Columns, Skills & Concepts
  8. New Courses (new courses and edits of existing ones.)
  9. New Canned Comments
  10. New Grade Table edits including grade pools
  11. New Schedule rotations
  12. New Discipline Codes

Auto Send Updates the Mobile App Server

Auto Send updates data on the Mobile App server as it sends that data to TeacherPlus and the PlusPortals. If your school uses the AP Mobile App, it is no longer necessary to manually sync your mobile app server; however, users must sync their apps on their mobile devices.

New Features


  • Database Fields for Super Database Values: Values calculated in super database tables can now be displayed in database fields. To set up the database field, right click on a field, click Field Properties, and then click SuperDB: Field Summary.
  • Database History Log: Log entries now display the name of the program in which the edit was made. You can see the complete history of any demographic field, for any student, by right clicking at the field name and clicking Show History.


  • Attendance Holding Bins:  To view the details of attendance submitted by a teacher, click on the class name, which is now a hyperlink.  Previously, you were required to click an icon to view these details.  This update maintains consistency with the report cards holding bin.

Report Cards

  • Advanced Honor Rolls: Honor roll data can now be sent to Excel.
  • Report Writer: The Report Writer can now generate e-mail enabled reports faster.


  • Super Deluxe Schedule Builder (SDSB): The number of possible meeting times has been increased from 999 to 2000.

    The number of unique meeting times for all sections in your finished schedule is limited to 250. This enhancement is available in version of SDSB which is included in this AdminPlus service pack.

  • Report Writer: The Grid Schedule report can now display teachers’ names to a length of 24 characters. Previously, teachers’ names were limited to their 11-character abbreviated name.

    The 11-character abbreviated name can be edited to display anything. If you use the new feature to display up to 24 characters of the teacher’s full name, then the name will be split between 2 rows. To use this new feature, find the TABLE1 code and add a “24” to the end.




  • Entering Incidents: The last date used for adding an incident is automatically used for entering the next incident. Previously, the Keep Date for This Session specification had to be enabled to allow this. This update, removes that specification and adds a shortcut to change the date back to the current day.


    If you want to add 10 incidents for yesterday, changing the date to yesterday for the first incident will enable you to add the remaining 9 incidents without changing the date again.  When you are ready to enter new incidents for today, simply click Today or press F5.

Other New Features

Emailing Reports

Message size increased:  The character limit for the e-mail message that accompanies a report has been increased from 1000 to 4000.

Excel Wizard

Staff Daily Attendance export can include comments: To include a comment, go to Tools > Excel Wizard > Common Specifications > General Settings.

TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager

The TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager is now accessible in the Setup menu: Users can also right click on the Dashboard, and then click Setup > TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager.

Clever Export

You can select which sections to export to Clever:  Select the sections to send to Clever. Selected sections are remembered for future Clever exports.

Send Which Grade Level Information specification: This new specification allows schools to send the grade level’s Name, Description, or Alias to Clever.

These enhancements are available in version 1.12.0 of Clever Export which is included in the AdminPlus service pack.

Feature Fixes


  • Home Screen: An error no longer occurs when closing the Home screen. Previously, this error occurred when a user clicked in the scheduling grid and then closed the Home screen.
  • Demographics Batch Entry: Staff demographic field names are displayed when a user chooses to use Batch Entry for staff. Previously, student field names were shown.
  • Households: Error # 9, which occurred when consolidating households, has been corrected.
  • Check for Returning Student: Selecting this function when adding a new student no longer returns an error.
  • Portfolios: A student’s email address is now populated in the recipient field when a user chooses to email a student their own portfolio document. 

Report Cards

  • View/Edit Courses and Sections: An error no longer occurs when sorting a course with exactly 99 sections.
  • View/Change Add/Drop: Schools without the Study Hall Scheduling module no longer experience a problem when using the Add Section lookup.
  • Report Writer: The department transcript box report now prints course level and report card column header properly.


  • Home screen: When printing an invoice from the Home Screen, the invoice details are included correctly.
  • Remote Schools: AdminPlus no longer resets users Contact Database and Super Database rights when school data is accessed through the Remote School access feature.
  • Apple School Manager (ASM) Export: ASM Export no longer picks up the wrong index when there is a mapping to any system field, such as UNID or GUID.

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