AdminPlus Release: July 9, 2017

Welcome to summer break! It is hard to believe that the upcoming school year is only a few weeks away for some schools. We hope that you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the slow days of summer.

We are pleased to announce the release of AdminPlus version This update includes a variety of features and fixes to improve AdminPlus performance and usability, with a focus on improving the Data Base and Report Cards modules.

Hosted schools will be updated to AdminPlus version on July 9th, 2017.

For non-hosted schools: If you are using Internet Explorer to download the new version, you may see a warning message stating that the signature of the installation is corrupt or invalid. While this is an issue with Internet Explorer and not with the installer package, the update may need to be downloaded with another browser.

Database: New Features


  • You can now change the category for multiple portfolio items at the same time.

    To change multiple portfolio item categories, do the following:

    1. Select one or more portfolio items.
    2. Right-click any of them.
    3. Choose Properties, and then edit the category.

      This option can also be accessed through the Properties F3 option.

Report Cards: New Features

Receive Grades From TeacherPlus

  • Speed improved: Previously, all report card columns were downloaded by TeacherPlus before users decided which ones to receive into AdminPlus. Now, users choose which grades to receive, and only those selected grades are downloaded from the TeacherPlus server.

Other New Features


  • Emails without a subject will now generate a confirmation prompt.

TeacherPlus and PlusPortals Sync Log

  • TeacherPlus and PlusPortals Sync Log is now available in the Excel Wizard menu. To access the log, go to Tools > Excel Wizard > Logs. You can also right-click on the dashboard, and then click View/Edit > Logs > Send to Excel to get to the log.

Database Fixes

Super Database

  • An error no longer occurs when users right-click on the background of a Super Database table. This error only occurred when a user accessed the table through the main View menu option.

Contact Database

  • The format of phone numbers for contacts will now match the format of household phone numbers for students. Previously, the field mask was not obeyed if the Global Family feature was a single school setup.

Household Report

  • This report now prints properly for students with an inactive sibling. Previously, there was an issue when printing the report if the report specification was set to only include active students.

Database Transfer

  • Speed improved.

AP Accounting (FINACS) Interface

  • The primary contact in AP now becomes the primary sponsor in FINACS. Prior to this update, the option was causing the first contact assigned to a student in the Contact Database to be automatically designated as the Primary APA Sponsor.


  • The grid schedule’s “Fit to Screen” resolution is now kept when navigating to the next student.

Report Card Fixes

Report Writer

  • The “transcript by department” report can now be printed with selected courses, instead of always including all courses. The report writer code has been modified. The following is an example of how to use the code:

    ~PrintTranscriptByDepartment = 1, WhichCourses=1-500, 600-999, Filter = All, ExcludeCourses=0, Left = 0, Top = 0.5~

    In this example, the report will print only courses between 1 to 500 as well as 600 to 999.

Scheduling Fixes

Super Deluxe Schedule Builder (SDSB)

  • It is now easier to edit concurrent course groups. Concurrent courses are multiple courses that meet at the same time, in the same room, and are taught by the same teacher. Previously, when selecting a group to edit, you had to select the group twice. Now you need only select it once. This fix is available in version 2.3.47 of SDSB, which is included in this AdminPlus service pack.

Other Fixes


  • The QuickMail Audit Log now contains the same information, regardless of how it is accessed.

Clever Export

  • We have corrected the names of Clever export files. The new file names are listed in the following table:

    Export Utility Files

    New File Name

    The incorrect file names were observed in AdminPlus version

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