AdminPlus Version Release

We are pleased to announce the release of AdminPlus version Hosted schools were updated to AdminPlus version last Saturday evening. Non-hosted schools may download this new version from our website.

For non-hosted schools using Internet Explorer to download the new version, you may see a warning message stating that the signature of the installation is corrupt or invalid. While this is an issue with Internet Explorer and not with the installer package, the version may need to be downloaded with another browser.

Discipline: Holding Bin

Incidents submitted through the AdminPlus mobile app now can be synced through the Incidents Holding Bin. A new button for Mobile Apps is now available in Discipline > Incidents > Holding Bin. Users are no longer required to sync from the mobile apps manager.

Discipline Holding Bin

Report Cards: TeacherPlus Holding Bin

We've implemented changes that optimize the process of receiving grades from TeacherPlus Gradebook. Schools with large databases should notice a speed increase as sections are populated to the holding bin.

Report Cards: Report Writer

The Advanced Box report writing codes have been enhanced so that course grades are printed on the same line as the course.

Report Cards: Report Writer

Report card columns can be arranged differently now with the Advanced Box codes. This enhancement provides more flexibility to reports that are printed from right to left.

Report Cards Report Writer

Log: SuperDB Rebuilds

Each time a user rebuilds a SuperDB table for any school(s), the activity is now logged with details such as date, time, school name, SuperDB table name, user name, and AdminPlus version. This log is found in Tools > Excel Wizard > Logs > Rebuild SuperDB Activities Log.

Excel Wizard: Student Career Totals

Now both simple and adjusted GPAs are included in the student career totals export. Other information, such as total quality points and total weights, remain in the export.

Clever Export: NCES_ID

Clever now adds NCES_ID automatically. As a result, export files no longer need to include NCES_ID. This field has been removed from AdminPlus Clever Export specifications.

Clever Export: Study Halls

Schools now have an option to include study halls in the sections.csv file.

Feature Fixes

Database: Rebuild Student Contacts SuperDB Table

We've corrected an issue with the process for rebuilding the Student Contact Database. Previously, the database rebuild might have fail if a school had met the following criteria:

  • The first year of the base school specified in the Global Family file is not found for the non-base school.
  • The school is part of a larger group with a common global family folder.

Rebuild failure no longer occurs under these circumstances.

Database: Validation

We've fixed the error that occurred when a user tried to edit validation entries by right clicking a field and selecting Edit Entries.

Attendance: Correct

The Attendance > Correct program now shows the correct number for present days and membership days when a student is assigned to an alternate calendar. Previously, all counts shown in Attendance > Correct were based on the master school calendar.

Discipline: User Defined Table

Previously, a user defined table would not save if it contained only note-type fields. 

Billing: Contact Enabled Billing Report

AdminPlus no longer prints a contact-enabled report for students who do not have contacts with billing permissions.

QuickMail: Confirmation

We've addressed issues with e-mail confirmation and logging: Confirmation now displays when an e-mail sends successfully, and the e-mail job status is now displayed in the log.

Clever Export: Enrollments.csv

Section_Number has been removed from enrollments.csv.

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