AdminPlus Version Release

We are pleased to announce the release of AdminPlus version Hosted schools will be updated to AdminPlus version this evening. Non-hosted schools may download this new version from our website now:

For non-hosted schools: If using Internet Explorer to download the new version, you may see a warning message stating that the signature of the installation is corrupt or invalid. While this is an issue with Internet Explorer and not with the installer package, the version may need to be downloaded with another browser.

Feature Enhancements

Data Base: Demographics

Additional values can be entered in the current gender database field.

Supervisor can now enter additional acceptable values in the ‘Gender’ database field for users to utilize. Current choices (M and F) are not editable; they must remain as acceptable values.

Data Base: Portfolio

Transfer portfolio item ownership to another user when a user is removed.

After deleting a user, AdminPlus will prompt to select another existing user to whom the portfolio items ownership/co-ownership will be transferred. If Cancel is selected, ownership will be transferred to SUPERVISOR.

Data Base: Contact Data Base

Receive contact updates from PlusPortals to the Contact Data Base.

A new control has been added in the PlusPortals Admin Site Permissions: Parents > Demographics allowing parents to view/edit their demographic information. When the above specification is enabled, a new menu named Edit Demographics will be visible to parents under their name menu.

For more details about this feature in PlusPortals, please see our September 27, 2016 PlusPortals update notes.

The edited information will be saved to a holding bin which can be received in AdminPlus.

In AdminPlus, go to Home > Demographics and click the Holding Bins icon, then click the Yes button to check the server for new changes.

In the holding bin, click the Contacts option, select any changes you wish to receive, then click the Save All Selected Changesbutton. Once the changes have been received, click the Exit or Done button. A brief sync will occur, sending the new updated information up to the PlusPortals.

Report Cards: Skills Expansion

Master skills library can hold up to 9999 skills.

An option has been provided in Customize Report Cards > Set Maximum Number of Skills to set the value between 2000 and 9999. Please note that it is RECOMMENDED to keep this as close as possible to the maximum number of skills to be defined.

Scheduling: Rotation Meeting Times

Users can set up different clock times for the same period meeting on different days.

One rotation can now have different meeting times for the different days. These meeting times are set in Customize Scheduling → Set the Time of Each Block #1 and Set the Time of Each Block Rotations #2-9. The “Default” is the existing period times that are common to all the days in the rotation. The entered period times will be displayed in many areas of the program, including Homescreen > Grid Schedules.

Excel Wizard: Logs

Various change logs are available to users.

The following logs are now accessible in Tools > Excel Wizard > Logs:

  • Daily Attendance Change Log
  • Period Attendance Change Log
  • Student Contact Change Log
  • Master Contact Change Log

Other Minor Enhancements

Data Base: Super DB Tables

Super DB table column summary can be printed in the report writer.

A new parameter, PrintSummary = N, has been added to the SuperDB Table code in report writers. Set the value to Y to print the column summary. The printed column summary will be as set in View/Edit SuperDB Tables.

Report Cards: Extended RC

Extended RC file enhancement makes space for more data.

An option has been provided in AdminPlus > Setup > Report Cards > Expand Extended RC. A valid Tech Key code is required to expand this file. Once it is expanded, a new file RCEXTRANEW.FRC will get created and all the records from the existing RCEXTRA.FRC file will be automatically copied to the new file.

E-Mail: Logs

The e-mail audit log for tracking sent messages is maintained in one log file per school year.

  • E-mail Audit log is written in append mode and saved as one file per day with all the audit information for the whole day. This log is also accessible with date range selection.
  • Existing Summary Log is now changed to “Last Summary Log (Version 6.0.92 and older)”.
  • Trace logs will also be updated in append mode with one file per day with all the trace information for the whole day.

E-Mail: TeacherPlus Login Details

Customize e-mail message to teachers.

Users can edit the text of the e-mail sent from TeacherPlus Sync Manager > Manage Users.

Clever Export: Section Number Field

A section number field is included in sections.csv.

The new field is added at the end of the other fields and will always be exported. This change is reflected in Clever Export program version 1.8.0.

Feature Fixes

Data Base: Demographics

Edits are saved when a field is set as an Anyone Validated field.

In the previous version, edits done to subsequent students were not saved if the edits were done in “Anyone Validated” field.

Report Cards: Caluculate Averages

There is no longer an overflow error for large log files.

Previously, when a school calculated averages for a very large number of sections, the log file was not viewable due to its large size.

Online Forms Manager

Contact e-mail address updates based on the Contact Data Base.

When an e-mail address is changed in contact database, the change is now reflected in AP Online Forms Manager > Manage User Accounts > B. Manage User Accounts.

Blanks can override existing data.

If the specification Allow blanks to overwrite existing data in the Online Forms Holding Bin is set, blank answers get written to the database fields.

District Control

A base school's non-active school years can be inactivated.

Previously, none of the base school’s years could be inactivated. Now, users can choose to inactivate past years or the scheduling year of the base school from being viewed in District Control.

FINACS Interface

Primary APA sponsors are always exported first

In some cases, secondary sponsors were being exported prior to the primary sponsors, causing misleading sponsor assignment in Finacs. This has been corrected.

Other Minor Fixes

Data Base: Print Program

All characters of field names appear in the header of printed reports .

The full field name on the Print Program report header now gets printed even if the field that is being queried has a name that is longer than ten (10) characters.

Data Base: Contact Data Base

Tab navigation moves sequentially.

Regardless of which contact field the cursor is in, tab navigation in Contact Database now moves through sequentially without skipping any field.

This e-mail address is not monitored. If you have any questions related to this update, please e-mail or call Tech Support at 800-882-2994.

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