HTML5 TeacherPlus Release: August 10, 2017

Our newest HTML5 TeacherPlus Gradebook and Gradebook Manager release introduces a number of important features and enhancements. We've added a Share Template option and an All Students report for TeacherPlus Gradebook Manager. In TeacherPlus Gradebook, we've added an option to override the Final column contents with blanks. Enhancements include additional progress report and grading options for TeacherPlus Gradebook Manager, and a student e-mail option on the TeacherPlus Gradebook Demographics page.

Features and Enhancements

TeacherPlus Gradebook Manager

Share Templates

Gradebook Managers can create templates and share them with teachers.

To share a template, do the following:

  1. From TeacherPlus Gradebook Manager, view a teacher’s gradebook, and then select or create a template.
  2. In the Template Options menu for the template you want to share, click Share Template.

    Template Options - Share Template

  3. In the Share Template dialog box, rename the template for teachers in the Share Template As box, and then click Share.

    Share Template As

  4. The template appears in brackets {Template Name} at the bottom of the template drop-down menu.

New Default Report in Gradebook Manager

Gradebook Managers can generate a report that lists All Students.

To run an All Students report, do the following:

  1. On the side navigation menu, click Reports > Default Report Library.
  2. Next to All Students, click the Run icon.

    Run the All Students Report

  3. The All Students report dialog box appears.

    Clicking a student’s name from the results opens the Combined Progress Report Settings screen. Select the student and details to include, and then click Generate a Report. Click Back to Report Settings to change what is included or Send to PlusPortals to post.

  4. Click Export to Excel to send this report to Excel.

Send Progress Reports for Multiple Students from Gradebook Manager to PlusPortal

Gradebook Managers can now generate progress reports for multiple students from a custom report.

To generate progress reports for a section from a custom report, do the following:

  1. On the side navigation menu, click Reports > Custom Report Library.
  2. Create or choose a custom report, and then run it.

    Create a Custom Report

  3. In the report dialog box, click Generate Progress Reports, select which sections should be included, and then click OK.

    Generate Progress Report Button

  4. In the Combined Progress Report Settings, select which students and details to include in the report, and then click Generate Report.

    Select Report Sections

  5. In the Combined Progress Report, click Send to PlusPortals.

    Send to Plus Portals Button

    Click Back to Report Settings to edit the report.

More Than One Semester/Final Grade Calculation Formula Can Be Used in a School

Gradebook Managers can create multiple Semester/Final calculation formulas and assign them to selected classes.

To create a formula, do the following:

  1. On the side navigation menu, click Grading > Semester and Final Averages.
  2. Click Add Formula, enter a Formula Name, define the calculations for the MIDYEAR GRADE and FINAL GRADE, and then click Save Formula.

To assign the formula to selected classes, do the following:

  1. On the side navigation menu, click Grading > Assign Averaging Formulas to Courses.
  2. Select Formula from the drop-down menu, and then select the check box for each course you want to assign it to.
  3. Click Assign Formula to Selected Courses to update the Formula Name column.

    Assign Formula to Selected Courses

More Than One Class At a Time Can Be Assigned to Grade Scales

Gradebook Managers can now assign grade scales to multiple classes at a time.

  1. On the side navigation menu, click Grading > Assign Grade Scales to Courses.
  2. Select Grade Scale from the dropdown menu, and then select the check box for each course you want to assign it to.
  3. Click Assign Grade Scale to Selected Courses to update the Grade Scale Name column.

    Assign Grade Scale to Selected Courses

TeacherPlus Gradebook

E-Mail Student Directly from a Gradebook

Teachers can e-mail a student directly from the gradebook by clicking the student's e-mail (if listed under Demographics).

E-Mail Student

Final Grade: Blank Option Added

Teachers can right-click in the FINAL column and click Override with BLANK. When ready, they can right-click a blank Final Grade and click Remove BLANK Override.

Other Minor Enhancements

Seating Charts: A warning appears if Back to Gradebook is selected before saving a seating chart.

Save Seating Chart

Feature Fixes

  • In Gradebook Manager, changing the Selected Attendance Codes under General > Attendance Settings will only change what codes teachers can toggle through. It won’t affect past entries.
  • Narrative speed issues have been addressed, and the Narrative character counter has been restored

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