Creating the New Year

It's time to create your new year! This Just in Time training video reviews the two main steps (plus an extra recommendation) needed to begin creating the new 2023-24 school year in AdminPlus while still operating in the current school year. 

Follow along as we review the steps necessary to create and prep your new school year:

Step One: Create the New Year

We’ll create a copy of the current school year (2022-23) and set it up as it the New “scheduling” Year (2023-24).

Step Two: Run the Beginning Program

In your New “scheduling” Year you must run the Beginning Program to clean it up and promote students.

Step Three: (Recommended): Clear Inactive Students

In your New “scheduling” Year we highly recommend you clear out all inactive students.

* If you have the NEW AdmissionsPlus on the web, please remember to run the Admissions Sync after you’ve completed all the steps.

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