PlusPortals Release: August 30, 2018

We’re excited to announce the latest PlusPortals release, which includes a significant update to the Parent Home page. Highlights of the enhancements include:

Student Card ReadabilityCards are wider to improve readability and provide parents with more information at-a-glance.
Student Card LayoutCards are organized vertically and ordered alphabetically down the column when a parent has more than one student.
Teacher NamesThe Student Card tabs contain teacher name fields that can provide shortcuts to e-mail teachers.
Upcoming Events BoxThe Calendar box is replaced by the Upcoming Events box, located to the right of the Student Card area.
Responsive GridThe Home page is more responsive to screen size, resolution, orientation (landscape and portrait), and device type. The layout is notably improved on Android and iOS tablets.

Parent Home Page Enhancements

When parents log in to the PlusPortals after this update, they see the Home page as it appears below:

Parent Home Page Overview

Student Card

The new Student Card is wider and provides the same information and functionality as the old Student Card in a more readable format.

When a parent has more than one student, their Student Cards are organized vertically and ordered alphabetically down the column.

These layout enhancements create space for future additions to the Student Card tabs, starting with the Discipline tab.

Discipline information is temporarily excluded from the Student Card; however, it is still accessible by navigating to School > Discipline.

Progress Tab

The Progress tab loads first when a parent accesses the Home page. It includes the class name, average, grade, and teacher.

Progress Tab Overview

On the Progress tab, parents can access the following content:

  • Class Page: Click the class name to access this page.
  • Performance: Click the class average or grade to access this tab.

    This functionality depends on progress permissions settings in the PlusPortals Management site.

  • E-Mail: Click the teacher’s name, or the e-mail icon, to create a draft with the teacher as the recipient.

    This functionality depends on the parent permissions settings in the PlusPortals Management site.

Attendance Tab

The Attendance tab displays either Daily Attendance or Period Attendance, depending on Home page permissions set in the PlusPortals Management site.

Attendance is grouped by type: Absences, Tardies, and Dismissals. The totals for each type are visible in the attendance type header.

Attendance Tab Overview

Attendance details are hidden by default, but parents can click each attendance type header to view or hide attendance details for that attendance type.

Attendance Tab Expand Contents

For schools using Period Attendance, the attendance grid contains details about the period in which the attendance record occurred. The associated teacher’s name is also listed in this grid, providing parents with a shortcut to email them.

Attendance Tab for Period Attendance

Upcoming Events Box

The Upcoming Events box replaces the Calendar box. It displays the title and date of every event visible to the parent within a seven day range.

Upcoming Events Box

When a parent clicks the name of an event, the event details pop-up appears. They can dismiss the pop-up by clicking anywhere on the page.

Upcoming Events Box Information

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