AdminPlus Release: June 2, 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of AdminPlus version This update includes a variety of features and fixes to improve AdminPlus performance and usability.

Hosted schools will be updated to AdminPlus version on June 2nd, 2018. Non-hosted schools may download this new version from our website now.

For non-hosted schools, if you are using Internet Explorer to download the new version, you may see a warning message stating that the signature of the installation is corrupt or invalid. While this is an issue with Internet Explorer and not with the installer package, the update may need to be downloaded with another browser.

New Features & Enhancements


Home Screen

A student’s Current Teacher can be displayed in the Student Snapshot.

In addition to displaying a student’s current course and room based on the time and day, the customizable area of the student snapshot can now also display the teacher for the current course. Click the Gear icon to select the fields to display in this area.

Current Teacher Field


Period Attendance Entry Forms

Period Attendance Entry Forms can be sent through QuickMail.

Period Attendance Entry Forms

Period and Daily Manual Entry Forms

An optional database field can be included next to students’ names.

In many cases, this feature is used for nicknames; however, you can use it for a number of other purposes.

Print Database Field

Report Cards

IB Student Evaluator

Added the following new formatting options for report templates:

  • Font sizes less than 8 can be set.
  • The font and font size of the page number can be set.


To quickly remove multiple sections from the section list, do the following:

  1. In Enter Courses, click B. View/Edit Sections.

    View / Edit Sections

  2. Click Delete Individual Section(s).

    Delete Individual Sections

  3. Select the section(s) that you want to remove, and then click Done.

    Select Sections to Remove

Excel Wizard

Added new fields to the Master Course List and Section List Excel spreadsheets:

  • Print in RCRW (Report Cards Report Writer)
  • Print in SCRW (Scheduling Report Writer)

Added new optional fields for the Student Transcript and Student Schedule Excel spreadsheets. These fields provide section length information (term) for courses in the current year.

Feature Fixes


Home Screen

The Lookup screen now displays properly for schools using a date format other than mm/dd/yyyy.

This only affected schools displaying a field with dates and filtering on that field.

Daily and Period Attendance

The Period Attendance Change Log includes changes made in all periods.

Previously, it only included changes for period A to period E.

Report Cards

  • When importing grades from a file created by another program, numeric grades of 32 are received correctly.
  • Schools with long names (greater than 38 characters) no longer receive an error when calculating additional GPAs.

    :The issue was only with writing the school name onto the log. There was no issue with GPA calculation.

  • Teacher Grade Search Reports now include the description of skills when searching on skill grades.

    These reports are found in the Entry Forms program.

    Teacher Grade Search Report



Super Deluxe Schedule Builder (SDSB)

Room schedules display a conflict if a room is booked by two sets of concurrent courses.


  • In Create a New Year, an error no longer occurs when creating a new year for schools that do not have the Online Forms program.
  • The AP Mobile Sync Log now always contains the school name and year.

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