Rediker Support Community Portal Update

The new Rediker Support Community Portal is fully redesigned. Highlights of the improvements include:

New Features
Solutions Knowledge BaseSearch a knowledge base of solutions created and curated by Rediker Support agents.
Support TicketsSubmit support tickets from anywhere in the support community.
Simplified DesignThe support community interface is completely redesigned for ease of use.
Improved SearchThe improved search feature is available throughout the support community. Log in to search solutions articles and release notes.
Improved Cloud Status PageThe cloud status page is located at It is available to every visitor to the support community.
Improved Documentation SiteThe documentation site is faster after a server upgrade, and the documentation home page is redesigned.
Relocated Documentation SiteThe documentation site is located at

Simplified Site Design

The new support community portal contains all the functionality of the previous iteration, but with a focus on simplicity.

New Support Community Portal Home Page

Search-based Navigation

Site navigation was redesigned around an improved search engine. Drop-down navigation was eliminated and replaced by:

  • A responsive home page with mobile friendly links
  • A shortcut bar on subpages
  • Context sensitive navigation elements on the home page and shortcut bar
  • Responsive category pages
  • A search box in the page header
  • An improved footer

For logged in users, the search box is available throughout the site. 

The support community portal's search engine indexes solutions articles, release notes, alerts, and announcements.

Content is Sensitive to Login Status

The site layout changes based on login status. Users without a support account only see the content they can access, making the site easier to navigate and limiting unintentional redirects to the login page. 

To log in, click Log In on the page header or on the home page.

Improved Responsive Design

The new design keeps mobile users in mind. The layout throughout the site is more responsive to screen size, resolution, orientation (landscape and portrait), and device type.

Moved Ideas to Forums

Ideas are now a section of the forum called Feature Requests. A Feature Request section is included in each product forum and the contents are search indexed.

To make a feature request, log in, click Forums on the home page, and then click the Feature Requests forum for the relevant product.

Solutions Knowledge Base

One of the most important new features of the new support community portal is the solutions knowledge base. When Rediker Technical Support resolves an issue, an agent logs the problem and the solution. Users with a support community account can search a database of these solutions articles.

To access the solutions knowledge base, click Solutions on the home page or the shortcut bar. If you have a specific issue, search the site using the Search the Support Community box.

Log in to search the full solutions knowledge base.

Search or Browse Knowledge Base Solutions

Submit Support Tickets

You can submit support tickets directly from the support community portal. As you draft a ticket, relevant solutions articles appear next to the ticket form.

To submit a support ticket, click Submit a Support Ticket on the home page or Submit Ticket on the shortcut bar.

Submit Ticket from Shortcuts Bar

Another important feature of the new support community portal is the updated search engine. Due to the number of solutions articles, the site search is the most effective way to navigate the knowledge base.

Log in to search the full solutions knowledge base.

The new search engine includes:

  • Improved Indexing: Searches include all solutions articles and release notes. 
  • Instant Search: Results are displayed as you type.
  • Result Filters: If your result isn't displayed as a top result in the instant search, press Enter to proceed to the full results, and then sort by result type.

Improved Cloud Services Status Page

The Cloud Services Status page is available to any visitor to the support community portal, regardless of login status. This page is relocated to the subdomain

To view the cloud status, click Cloud Status on the home page or go to

Improved and Relocated Documentation Site

The Rediker Support Documentation site has undergone a number of improvements: 

  • Upgraded the server to improve page load times and overall stability
  • Updated the documentation home page to fit with the Rediker Support Community Portal redesign
  • Relocated to the subdomain
  • Improved search indexing for the documentation site search engine
  • Minor navigation upgrades

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