AdminPlus and District/Diocesan Manager Release: January 31, 2020

AdminPlus Version and District/Diocesan Manager Version

In this release, we updated our existing District and Diocesan Manager roster exports to the latest file layouts while adding easy access to the files and logs generated by these export utilities. We also introduced a District and Diocesan Manager export utility for OneRoster, which is being accepted by more and more educational systems and is fast becoming the industry standard.

District/Diocesan Manager: New Features
Added OneRoster ExportWe’ve added a utility to help districts/dioceses export student, staff, and class data in the OneRoster 1.1 CSV file format.
District/Diocesan Manager: Improvements
Updated Roster Export UtilitiesRemoved export service settings from the General Specifications tab, added the View Files button, improved the View Log button, added last successful export time and date to the specifications, and updated the interface to highlight required fields. 
Updated the Apple School Manager Export UtilityUpdated mapping for Course Number and Course Name.
Updated the Clever Export UtilityAdded mapping for School Number, Staff Number, and Student Number, and added support for X as a non-binary gender.
AdminPlus: Improvements
Database Performance ImprovementsImproved load times for the AdminPlus Homescreen and Super DB.
District/Diocesan Manager: Feature Fixes

Fixed Staff Field SyncStaff fields will now sync properly from District/Diocesan Manager.

Fixed Validation List Editing
Schools can receive edits to validation lists from District/Diocesan Manager for all demographic fields.

If your district/diocese is not hosted, you can download the update from our Application Downloads page:

Download Update

New Features

Added OneRoster Export for District/Diocesan Manager

We’ve added a utility to help districts and dioceses export student, staff, and class data in the OneRoster 1.1 CSV file format. The IMS Global Learning Consortium developed the OneRoster 1.1 specification. It is gaining widespread acceptance as a data interchange format for roster information. ClassLink and many other LMS publishing vendors accept this format.

The OneRoster export utility creates zipped files of your district or dioceses' data.

Export InformationAssociated File
File Listmanifest.csv
Session InformationacademicSessions.csv
Section Informationclasses.csv
Course Informationcourses.csv
Student Informationdemographics.csv
Roster Informationenrollments.csv
School Informationorgs.csv
Student and Staff Informationusers.csv

For more information on the export files, see OneRoster Export File Layouts.

These files are created and placed in the RS4Center\District\OneRoster_Export folder. In this folder, you can also find a zipped folder, OneRoster_ExportFiles, containing the export files for transfer via SFTP.

OneRoster Export Setup Overview


District/Diocesan Manager: Updated Roster Export Utilities

We updated the District/Diocese Manager roster export utilities to improve the experience for both hosted and non-hosted districts and dioceses. General updates to all export utilities include the following:

  • Removed export service settings from the General Specifications tab

    Roster exports are a bulk export to be done as needed. Most districts/dioceses will not need to schedule a nightly export. Instead, you should use the Send Data Now option after making roster changes.

    • Non-hosted districts/dioceses can set up a scheduled task to run the export (nightly or weekly). See Create a Scheduled Task for more information. 
    • Hosted districts/dioceses with a high volume of roster changes can request a scheduled nightly export.
  • Added the View Files button to access the export files in the roster export folder (Apple_ASM_Export, Clever, OneRoster_Export) located in the RS4Center\District folder.
  • Updated the View Log button to access all log files (manual or scheduled).
  • Added the time and date of the last successful export (manual or scheduled) to the specifications screen.
  • Updated the interface to highlight required fields. Fields that are required for an export are displayed in bold with an asterisk.

District/Diocesan Manager: Updated the ASM (Apple School Manager) Export Utility

  • Updated mapping for Course Number. It can be mapped to Course Number instead of Course Alias.
  • Updated mapping for Course Name. It can be mapped to Course Name instead of Course Description.

ASM Export Setup Overview

District/Diocesan Manager: Updated the Clever Export Utility to Clever 1.7.0

  • Added mapping for School Number, Staff Number, and Student Number.
  • Added support for X as a non-binary gender. Added a translation from N to X.
  • Student address information is only exported if Student Zip is mapped.

Clever Export Setup Overview

AdminPlus: Improved the Loading of Database Content

Increased the speed at which information loads on the Homescreen and the Super DB.

Feature Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where syncing staff fields in District/Diocesan Manager would also sync student fields.
  • Fixed an issue preventing schools from receiving updated validation lists for certain demographic fields from District/Diocesan Manager.

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