PlusPortals Release: January 15, 2021

We've released several improvements for PlusPortals. Highlights of this update include:

Added No-reply Admin AccountsAdministrators can configure admin accounts to send emails but not receive them.
Added Multi-user Password ResetAdministrators can reset passwords for multiple users at one time.
Added Course Request Form Min/Max Credit SettingsAdministrators can set minimum and maximum allowable credit requirements for course request forms and form sections.
Improved Course Request Form AppearanceImprovements to the course request form color scheme provide separation of form sections.
Added Ability to Score Assignments in E-LockerTeachers can add scores to assignments from E-Locker with or without leaving comments.
Added Session Data ReportAdministrators can run reports on student and staff sessions.
Hid Disabled Users for Online MeetingsTeachers no longer see options for disabled users when setting up online meetings or sending online meeting email notifications.


Added No-reply Admin Accounts

Administrators can configure admin accounts to send emails but not receive them.

Admin accounts configured as no-reply are hidden in the Select Recipients dialog box. If a user manually types an email address that is connected to a no-reply account, they receive an error.

When recipients attempt to reply to a no-reply email, they receive an error.


User accounts that share a no-reply email address are treated as no-reply accounts.

Added Multi-user Password Reset

Administrators can reset multiple user passwords at one time. To prevent accidental password resets, administrators are prompted to confirm the reset request.

Added Course Request Form Min/Max Credit Settings

When creating course request forms, administrators can set a minimum and maximum number of credits required for the form and the form sections. Students cannot submit a course request form without meeting these requirements.

Improved Course Request Form Appearance

We’ve updated the course request form color scheme to separate form sections, making the form easier to complete.

Added Ability to Score Assignments in E-Locker

Teachers can submit scores for assignments in E-Locker with or without adding comments. 

Although scores added to E-Locker are automatically updated in the Gradebook, the Gradebook scores are not automatically updated in PlusPortals.

Added Session Data Report

Administrators can run reports that contain the following information for staff and students:

  • Name
  • AdminPlus ID
  • Log-in timestamp
  • User type

Hid Disabled Users for Online Meetings

When an administrator disables parent and/or student permissions for online meetings, teachers do not see options for the disabled users when sending meeting invites and meeting email notifications. 

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