Sustain - End of Year Process - Set Up a New Year Export to Sustain

To start a new year in Sustain, you have to complete the End of Year process in AdminPlus and then export the FUND fields from the new Active Year. Once the FUND fields are exported from AdminPlus, the rest of the New Year process is carried out in Sustain.

Before starting this process in AdminPlus, please ensure any End of Year steps that need to be completed in Sustain have been carried out. If you need support before the FUND data is exported from AdminPlus, Contact Sustain Support.


Before you export FUND fields to Sustain, you must have completed the following End of Year tasks in Administrator's Plus:

Check FUND Fields Mapping

  1. Verify that you are in the new Active Year.
  2. On the Shortcut bar, click Cust DB > 4. Set School Office Suite (SOS) interface options, and then click Next.
  3. In the Interface Specifications dialog box, click the SEMS/FUND/LIB tab.
  4. On the SEMS/FUND/LIB tab, click Set FUND fields.
  5. In the Select Fields to be Sent to Fundraising Software dialog box, make sure the Selected Fields are the same as the previous year.

Export FUND Fields to Sustain

  1. Along the top select Processes > Send to SOS Modules > Send all to SOS:

  2.  In the Send to SOS Modules dialog box, select the Fundraising Software check box, and then click Send.

A file containing FUND field data from the Active Year is exported to the Sustain holding bin.

If you need support after the FUND data is exported from AdminPlus, Contact Sustain Support.

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