Set up Lunch Counts in Administrator's Plus

The Lunch Count feature can be used to enter and submit a student's preferred lunch from TeacherPlus Gradebook. The following will outline how to enable Lunch Counts to allow teachers to submit a student's lunch selection.

For more information on how to submit Lunch Counts, please see: Take Attendance: Enter and Submit Lunch Counts

  1. On the Menu Bar, go to Tools > TeacherPlus Setup and Sync Manager.
  2. Under Lunch Counts, select Setup Lunch Counts. 
  3. The Lunch Counts Program window opens. Select 1. View/Edit Lunch Codes. Here you can update lunch codes.
  4. In the View/Edit Lunch Codes window, you can do the following:
    • Add a new Lunch Code: Select Add > Enter a Code and Description(optional) > Click Accept
    • Edit an existing Lunch Code: Select Code > Select Edit > Update Code and Description > Click Accept
    • Delete a Lunch Code: Select Code > Select Delete > Select Yes to confirm.
  5. Click Exit to return to the Lunch Counts Program. Select 2. Select Lunch Codes
  6. Highlight the code(s) in the Available Lunch Code and click to move them to the Selected Lunch Codes Column. Select Done.
  7. Click Exit to return to the Lunch Counts Program.
  8. Optional: Select 3. Settings to select which Data Base fields are included in the Lunch Counts Excel sheet.
  9. Select Done.

After setting up the lunch counts, select Enable Lunch Counts. This will allow Teachers to use the Lunch Count feature in TeacherPlus Gradebook.

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