AdmissionsPlus Release: February 4th, 2022

We've released several new improvements and feature fixes for AdmissionsPlus. Highlights of this update include:

Performance ImprovementsPerformance improvements to various areas of Admissions.
Feature Fixes
Data Incorrectly Saving to the Wrong ProspectFixed an issue that could cause Prospect data to save to the wrong Prospect.
Unable to Batch "Not Applicable" to RequirementsFixed an issue that caused the value "Not Applicable" not be applied to a Requirement in a batch entry.
Students in View Not Appearing in Batch EntryFixed an issue that caused views to not properly load in batch entry when filtering on a date field.
Communication Log Contacts Not PopulatingFixed an issue that occurred when adding entries to the communication log. The contact fields didn't auto-populate with the Prospect's contact information.


Performance Improvements

We’ve made a number of improvements in the core of Admissions to reduce overall latency and loading times. We will continue to gather feedback from our users and monitor overall latency to keep Admissions running smoothly.

Feature Fixes

Data Incorrectly Saving to the Wrong Prospect

We found that in some cases Prospect data could be saved to the wrong Prospect if a user pressed the save button and then moved to the next Prospect before the data was finished saving. We have added safeguards to prevent this from happening.

Unable to Batch "Not Applicable" to Requirements

When trying to batch the “Not Applicable” status to a Requirement for a list of Prospects, Admissions would report that the batch was completed but the value of the Requirement would not change. We have fixed this issue.

Students in View Not Appearing in Batch Entry

When trying to batch enter data to a saved view of Prospects, that view would not populate Prospects if the view was filtered on a date field. We have corrected this to load the view properly when filtered on a date field.

Communication Log Contact Data Not Populating

When adding a new entry to the Communication Log, you should see the Prospect’s Contacts as drop down options in the Contact field. We fixed an issue that prevented this list from loading.

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