How to Navigate Rediker Support and Services

Rediker Software offers many ways for school leaders and staff to get the help they need, when they need it. But how do our different support and services teams help educators, and who should you contact? This guide will help you find the right contact or team at Rediker to get the fastest help, for everything from new licenses and product inquiries to technical support, licenses and billing questions. We will also outline basic differences between technical support and training, and which one may be best at any given time.

Who are we? Learn more about our Support and Service Teams

Technical Support Reps, Customer Account Managers and the Rediker Services Team

Technical Support:

  • Can answer 1 or 2 questions because you simply forgot how to do a task or use a function.
  • Can help fix mistakes.
  • Can report issues to Development if appropriate. 
  • Can tell how you to operate a feature.

Customer Account Managers:

  • Call us, we always use the phone, and we will talk with you.
  • If we are not available or on the line, please leave a message.
  • Adds new contacts or staff and manages your general information in our Customer Records.

           Note: new staff must be in our system before they will be authorized for support.

  • As your Rediker advocate, we will assist you with information about the best way to meet your needs, to get help, or find your way.
  • When in doubt, ask us and we will advise you. We can help you determine which Rediker team could help and who should be contacted.
  • We can help you order if you need: more users, training, a new offering, or special services. 
  • Escalate issues or problems and make sure that you are heard.
  • Important note: We do not have access to your applications or data.

Rediker Services:

  • Assists with order processing after you have approved an order with Sales.
  • Schedules Professional Services, Consults and Training Sessions. Works with trainers and service providers and your scheduling requests.
  • Provides some licenses if required and follows up on any pre-requisites for services.

Common Questions/Issues:

What’s the difference between Support or Training?


  • 1 or 2 quick questions.
  • Something not working?
  • Help with a feature or error message.

Technical Support and Documentation Websites
Support Ticket System, Submit a Feature Request, How-To's, Release Notes, Videos:
Documentation and written knowledge base:

Professional Service or End-User “How To’s?”  1-2 Hours (or more!) live online with your own trainer. Training is scheduled and personal. Time is reserved for you. 

  • New in any role for AdminPlus, Admissions, Database Admin, or other users in the system.
  • Data management services: change configurations or set up in Data Base. 
  • Long or many questions concerning “How To's” (sessions can be personalized for you).

More training options: 

Thank you for using our software and for being part of the Rediker Software family. 

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