Set up the AdminPlus Mobile App


Enable Mobile App Access

To enable mobile app access, do the following:

  1. Log in to the AdminPlus desktop application as Supervisor.
  2. Click Setup > General > Enable Mobile App Access.
  3. A Warning dialog box appears. Read the warning, and click Yes.
  4. In the Information dialog box, click Done.

Give Access to Individual Users

After you enable the AdminPlus mobile app, you can give access to individual users:

  1. Click File > Users/Security (Enhanced).
  2. In the Enhanced Security dialog box, click 1. Manage Users, and then click Next.
  3. In the Manage Users dialog box, check off AP Mobile App Accesscheck box next to a user to give them mobile app access.

    Two-factor authentication is used on the AP Mobile app, as well as, so it’s important that users have access to the email account being used as their username. Without access, they will not be able to receive the 2FA code in their email.

    For those who also need access to AP Notify in the AdminPlus Mobile App, check off Enable E-mail / AP Notify.

    Each user you select is required to have a unique e-mail ID and a secure password that meets the following requirements:
    • At least one lowercase letter
    • At least one uppercase letter
    • At least one number
    • At least eight characters
  1. If a user's password doesn't meet one or more of the requirements, AdminPlus prompts you to change the user's password.
  2. Close the Manage Users dialog box. The new user settings are synced with AdminPlus Mobile App.

    E-Mail Address and Enable E-Mail are populated from e-mail settings and are stored in the same record. Editing either in the Manage Users dialog box will update them in the e-mail settings and vice versa.

    E-Mail Address and Enable E-Mail is always shown in the Manage Users dialog box, regardless of whether or not the RS4 folder is mobile app enabled. These two columns are also available in the E-Mail Initial Setup Wizard.

Enable AP Notify Sync for the AdminPlus Mobile App

Enable the AP Notify sync using the specification in the TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager:

  1. In the Administrator's Plus desktop application, click Tools > TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager.
  2. Under TeacherPlus Tools, click Send (Sync) Settings.
  3. In the General Specifications dialog box, for 9. Enable AdminPlus Notify for Mobile App, click Yes.

The specification is disabled if your school doesn't have an AP Notify license.

When you enable this specification, the student and staff DB fields required by the AdminPlus Notify app are added to the list of DB fields included in the sync:

If mobile app access isn't enabled via Setup > General > Enable Mobile App Access, the following Warning dialog box appears:



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