Batch Erasing Existing Data in a Database Field

It is highly recommended that you run a backup of the year you are working in before following the steps provided below.

Make sure that all AdminPlus users are logged out of the system. To check this, please see How to Tell Who is Logged into Administrator's Plus

Before you begin this process, it is imperative that you create a backup.  For assistance with this, please see How do I run or schedule a backup?

  1. On the AdminPlus Home Screen, click The Batch Functions Button to access Batch Functions.
    You can also press F2 to access Batch Functions.
  2. In the Batch Functions dialog box, click 2. Erase all data in one or more fields, and then click Next.
  3.  Select All Grades
  4.  Locate the field that you would like to erase the data from. Click into the Field. 
  5. Click Tag
  6. Click Accept.
  7. You will receive a warning Message informing you of the field you have chosen to delete. Verify that it is the correct field.
  8.  Click Yes.
  9. Select All Members.
After clicking Next the deletion process will begin.

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