Leveraging the AdminPlus/Excel Connection (Episode 3)

This is the third episode in this webinar series. Whether you need to load or manipulate data in AdminPlus, or extract it for reporting and analysis, the AdminPlus/Excel Connection is key! Watch Rediker's Technical Sales Manager, Ted Chmura, and explore the use of AdminPlus' built-in data import and export tools.

The video will share several Excel tips suitable for beginner and intermediate level users, and sample excel files will be offered when appropriate. We will discuss common scenarios faced by school administrators to answer questions such as:

  • How can I quickly and accurately visualize enrollment trends at my school?
  • Is it possible to calculate and display our student retention rate?
  • How can I "marry" the file containing our student’s standardized test score results with the rest of their data if the data file doesn't contain a unique ID (or the wrong one) for each Student?
  • Is it possible to do a breakdown of our classes or subjects by Gender, Race, Ethnicity and other demographics?

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