Forms/Invoice Tab Not Available For New Students and Contacts


When attempting to access the Forms tab of their PlusPortals account, students and contacts are met with a chain link icon and a "Coming Soon" message. 


This is most commonly caused when a user's Online Forms account and PlusPortals account haven't been successfully linked. Please follow the steps below to link the two accounts. 

1. Go to Tools > Online Forms Manager > 8B. Manage User Accounts. 

2. Use the Update Login ID function to ensure that contact user accounts are all using the most up to date email address populating their Primary Email field. 

You will receive a warning message when attempting to run this process. Select Yes to proceed. 

3. Run a 9A: Sync All: Complete to update the Online Forms server with the results of running Update Login IDs. 

4. Go to Tools > TeacherPlus Setup and Sync Manager. Run an Online Forms User Accounts sync. This will link your contacts' Online Forms accounts that we just updated with their existing PlusPortals account. Once completed, run an All Data (Since Year Start) sync. 

Once these steps have been completed your users should be able to access the contents of their PlusPortals Forms tab. 

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