AdminPlus Online Forms Management Page

On the Forms Management page, you can view and manage the forms you've created as well as add new forms.

To open the Forms Management page, on the left navigation menu, click Forms Management.
The diagram and table below describe the tasks you can perform from the Forms Management page.

Forms Management Page


Change the order in which available forms appear for parents. For details, see Change AdminPlus Online Form Display Order for Parents.


Delete a form. For details, see Delete an AdminPlus Online Form.


Restore a deleted form. For details, see Restore a Deleted AdminPlus Online Form.


Create a new form.  For details, see Create AdminPlus Online Forms.


Search for a form by the first word in the form title (Begins With: Form Name) or by any word in the form title (Contains: Form Name). In Search, type the word and click .

Filter information within a column.
Alphabetically sort forms in ascending order () or descending order ().

Edit or add pages, sections, and/or questions. For details, see Edit AdminPlus Online Forms.


View the form's online availability status.


Edit form settings. For details, see Edit AdminPlus Online Form Settings.


Add or edit pages, sections, and/or questions.  For details, see Edit AdminPlus Online Forms.


Email pre-populated forms. 

Send is enabled for pre-populated forms. The option is disabled for incomplete forms and New Student Registration Forms.


Print a form. For details, see Print an AdminPlus Online Form.

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