Add New Form Settings for AdminPlus Online Forms

When creating an AdminPlus Online Form, you control when it is available online and who can see it. For most forms, you can select an email to send when the form is submitted. On pre-populated forms, you can enable online payments.

When creating a form, you start by selecting the form type, naming the form, and defining the form settings. After you define the form settings, you can create the form layout (Pages, Section, Questions).

Define Form Settings

Follow these steps to define settings for the form you're creating:

  1. On the left navigation menu, click Forms Management.
  2. Click +Add New Form.
  3. In the Form Creation Method dialog box, click New Form.
  4. Click Next.
  5. See the diagram and table below for details on Form Settings: 

    Settings with an asterisk (*) are required.

Form Settings

Select if the form pertains to Student or Staff.


Type a name for the form.


Select the Form Type:

  • Pre-populated: Use this type for verification forms and any other forms that include data from either the Student or Staff database.
  • New Student Registration: Use this type to gather information from students not yet in the database.

Allow users to submit the form more than once by selecting Enable Resubmitting the Form.


Select Update Verification Status next to Student/Staff's picture in Address to update the status when the form is received.

  • In Administrator's Plus the status icon will have a cloud if verified in Online Forms and received.  If the data verification status icon does not appear in the upper-right of the profile picture tile then go to Specifications: Demographics dialog box, click Page 2, Show Parent Verification Status, click Yes and Show Staff Verification Status, click Yes.  Then, click Done.

Click one of the following options to define the form's availability online:

The option you select appears in the Available Online column on the Forms Management page.

  • Available: Click this option when you want the form to be available online. Yes appears in the Available Online column.
  • Not Available: Click this option to make the form unavailable online. No appears in the Available Onlinecolumn.

    No - Incomplete indicates a page is missing a section, a section is missing a question, and/or the form isn't linked to a school.

  • From: Click this option to make the form available online for a specific range of dates and a specific time.

Select the automatic email response sent to the parent and/or the school when the form is submitted.


Select a database field to store the Submitted Date.


Select a database field to store the Submitted Time.


Allow users to make online payments by selecting the Enable Online Fee Payment for this form check box.


Select the discount codes users can apply when making a payment.

In the Discount Codes dialog box, select the check boxes for the discount codes you want to make available.


Type the Base Amount of payment required.


Apply convenience fees to payments using Credit Card and/or or ACH

When applying fees, you specify if they are a Percentage of the payment or a Fixed amount, and how much the percentage or fixed amount is. 

For ACH transactions, you also set a maximum fee amount.


Select which AdminPlus database fields will receive the following transaction information:

  • Date the payment was made
  • Transaction ID assigned to the payment
  • Amount paid.

You can view transaction information in the Payment Transaction Log.


Select the school.

Payment Plan Settings

The Payment Plan setting allows you to use your existing forms or create new forms for things like Re-enrollment Tuition Payments and split the fee into multiple payments. Parents will fill out the Online Form as they normally would. When the parent goes to submit the form, they will have an option to either pay in full or select a Payment Plan. 

Schools who are not currently set up to use the Payment Plan feature will receive the following message when choosing to enable. For more information about getting this enabled, please email our Accounting Team at

See the diagram and table below for more information:

Payment Plan
Enable Payment Plan for this form: Select the checkbox to enable this feature.
Mandatory Deposit type: Select from No Deposit, Percentage, or Fixed Amount. 
Deposit Value: If a deposit is required, enter the percentage or fixed amount required.
If no deposit is required, this field will be greyed out.
Copy from Another Form allows you to copy an existing payment plan from another form.
Select Create to create a new playment plan option
Available Payment Plans lists already created payment plans
Select to edit the payment plan. Select to delete the payment plan.

In the lower-right corner of the page, click Save > click OK.


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