Add a Demographic Field

You can add a demographic field to AdmissionsPlus and set its specifications, such as whether the field is mandatory or linked to a requirement, by following these steps:

  1. On the left navigation menu, click  .
  2.  Click Demographic Fields.

  3. In the left panel, select the page you want to add the field to.
    If you want to add the demographic field to a new page or need more fields, click Add Page. Type the name of the page, and then click .
  4. Click an available field.
  5. For the field specifications in the right panel, refer to the table below:
    Demographic Field Specifications

    Type the field name.


    Optional: Type a description of the field.

    Field Type

    Choose the type of data that can be entered for the field. For example, if the field is Tour Date, you can choose the Date field type, ensuring users enter data in the mm-dd-yyyy format.


    Select the Household check box to have the data entered for the field for a prospect be entered for all other prospects in their household.


    Select the Mandatory check box to make the field mandatory. You will not be able to save data entered for other fields if a mandatory field is empty.

    No Duplicates

    Select the No Duplicates check box to prevent prospects having the same data for the field. A warning message appears if you try to save data that has been entered for another prospect.

    Alert Field

    Select the Alert Field check box to add an alert icon to the Prospect Card if the prospect has data in the field. You can click the alert icon to view the data.

    Auto Alert

    Select the Auto Alert check box to have an alert message appear when you click a prospect who has data in the field.

    Requirement Linked

    Select the Requirement Linked check box if the field is linked to a requirement. For example, if the field is named Application Submitted, and that's a requirement for your admissions process. Choose the requirement the field is linked to from the drop-down list, and then click Set Requirement Validation List (Edit Entries) to create the list of data that can be selected for the field. For the previous example, the list could be Yes and No.

    Set Validation

    Choose who can enter data for the field (Not Validated, Anyone, or Supervisor Only). If you validate the field, click Set Validation List (Edit Entries) to create the list of data that can be selected for the field.

    Field Case
    Choose a field case. Data entered for the field changes to the selected case when saved.
    Auto Fill
    Optional: Type the data you want automatically entered for the field. For example, if most or all prospects live in the United States, you can have United States automatically entered for the Country field. You can edit the field data for the few prospects who differ.
    Chart Type
    Optional: If the field is validated, choose a chart type to create a dashboard chart with the field's data.
  6. In the upper-right of the page, click Save.

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