Set Up AdmissionsPlus for the Scheduling Year

Before you can send prospects to AdminPlus for enrollment, you must match the school year, grade levels, and fields in AdmissionsPlus with AdminPlus for the scheduling year. This ensures prospects' data is synced properly with AdminPlus.

You must sync with AdminPlus from the Scheduling Year to bring the scheduling year data into AdmissionsPlus. In AdminPlus, click Modules > Data Base Plus > New Files > HB: Admissions > Students from

  1. On the left navigation menu, click Setup .
  2. Click Send to SIS.
    A Warning message appears. If you synced your data with AdminPlus, click Done.
  3. Under School Mapping, next to the latest scheduling year in the Admissions Schools column, click the row in the AP Schools column and select the scheduling year.
  4. Under Source School: [Scheduling Year], in the AP Grade Levels column, click a row and select the grade that matches the Admissions Grade Levels column.
  5. Under Destination School, on the [Demographic/Contact/Admission/Staff] Fields tab, click a row in the AP Fields column and select the field that matches the Admissions Fields column.
  6. Click Save.

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