View Student Attendance

You can view overall attendance for a class or you can view attendance for a specific student.
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View Class Attendance

You can view class attendance trends, including absence and tardy totals and attendance by month and date.
 To view attendance trends, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home tab, click the class you want to view attendance for.

  1. On the Section Menu, click the Attendance tab.

Important: You will only see the Attendance tab if your PlusPortals administrator has enabled it.

Four panels display on the page. The top panels list absence and tardy totals for students in the class. The bottom panels chart class attendance trends by month and date.

On the Absence Totals panel, click a student's name or absence count to view the dates of each absence.

Note: For details on taking attendance in the Gradebook, see How Attendance Works or, if using Silverlight, see Take and Submit Attendance.

Tip: You can also view attendance totals for a specific student in your class. (See View Attendance for a Student.)


View Attendance for a Student

For any student in your class, you can view daily attendance totals for the school year or period attendance records for selected quarters.

  1. On the Home tab, for the class the student is in, click > Go to Students.

Important: You only see the student options described in this task if your PlusPortals administrator has enabled them.

If you're on the Class Page, click the Students tab.

  1. Click the student you want to view.

Tip: Click to navigate between pages of students.

  1. Scroll down to the Attendance Totals panel.

Important: You only see the Attendance Totals panel if your PlusPortals administrator has enabled it.


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