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We are excited to introduce to our users! With the release of Administrator's Plus V, we have all that is needed in the sync manager for schools to on-board themselves, if prerequisites have been met.


  • Mobile App is enabled
    This allows the e-mail on classic Administrator's Plus Manage Users screen to be used as the login to It is not necessary to grant Mobile App access for Users to be able to use but please follow these steps to enable the app. Please see Set up Administrator's Plus for AdminPlus Mobile App Use in the AdminPlus Mobile App User guide.
  • Administrator's Plus latest version is installed
    Non-Hosted schools not already on V should download the latest version from the Application Downloads page.

TeacherPlus Setup and Sync Manager Settings

TeacherPlus Sync is used to send data from classic Administrator's Plus to, AP Mobile app, AdminPlus Online Forms, PlusPortals, and TeacherPlus Gradebook. What data is sent, and when it is sent, is determined by the settings below.

  • Administrator's Plus > Tools > TeacherPlus Setup and Sync Manager:
    • Demographic Fields: Select all fields for Students and Staff.  This will not affect what is visible in PlusPortals or TeacherPlus. However, the fields will be available for selection in PlusPortals Admin and GB Manager.
    • Send Sync Settings > 4. Send Non-Teaching Staff Data > Yes: This will send Staff members with an APID of ST301 or higher.
    • Portfolio Items
      • Portfolio categories need to be selected and sent in the sync. For large volumes, send in batches by category. See Manage Portfolios: Sync Portfolio Documents with PlusPortals 
      • Portfolio items will be displayed based on the Visibility settings in Administrator’s Plus. Check the visibility settings of past year items. If you do not want past year items visible to PlusPortals users, ensure they are set to "No" for the intended audience (Students, Parents, Teachers) before syncing. Any items that should be visible (Example: past year Report Cards), the visibility can be adjusted. See: Manage Portfolios: Edit Portfolio Document Permissions

School's using should enable Auto-Send in Administrator's Plus under Setup > School Office Suite (SOS) Interface Options > B. Auto Send to TeacherPlus and PlusPortals? > Yes. This will ensure that will be updated as the edit screens are closed.

Grant User Access

The Administrator's Plus Supervisor can grant access to by going to File > Users/Security (Enhanced) > Manage Users, enter the user's e-mail and check AP Mobile App Access to verify the password. If the user does not have a strong password the Supervisor will be prompted to update the password. If the user should only have access and not AP Mobile app Access, then AP Mobile App Access can be unchecked. Please see Set Up Administrator's Plus for AdminPlus Mobile App Use in the AdminPlus Mobile App User guide.

Two-factor authentication is used on the AP Mobile app and so it’s important that users have access to the email account being used as their username. Without access, they will not be able to receive the 2FA code in their email.

The same email address cannot be linked to multiple Administrator's Plus Usernames. If you are a user who accesses the Supervisor username, as well as another, please see Duplicate Email Error: How to use the same email address for two AdminPlus User names.

Once these steps have been completed, you can visit your unique link. This link is like your school’s current PlusPortals URL. 

If your PlusPortal URL is, you would replace with Your URL in this example would be

Accessing the settings screen is not required to view data in For those that have already started using and want to use Edit features, the AdminPlus Supervisor must email to request access to enable edit by module for the school. If edit has not been enabled and you try to access the Settings under Setup > General > Settings, you will receive the following error:

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