Add Responses to a Form

The last step to creating a form is adding the responses, called descriptors, an evaluator can select for an element. Each descriptor is given a value, and the selected descriptors' values determine the user's evaluation score.

If you arrived at this topic after completing Add Benchmarks to a Form, skip to step 6.

  1. On the navigation bar, click Forms.
  1. Search for the form you want to add a descriptor to.
  2. In the Edit Standards column, click .

    Note: The number next to the pencil shows how many standards you've added to the form.
  1. On the Standards page, next to the standard, click  .
  2. On the Indicators page, next to the indicator, click  .
  3. On the Elements page, next to the element, click  .
  4. On the Descriptors page, click Create New Descriptor.
  5. Type a Title and (optionally) a Description.
  1. For Order, enter a number to indicate the order in which you want the descriptor to appear in the element. The descriptor with the lowest order number is the left-most tab.
  2. For Value, enter the number of points you want the descriptor to be worth. These points are used to calculate the user's evaluation score.

    Value also determines a standard's weight on the form. For more information, see Change the Weight a Standard Carries on a Form.

  3. Click Add Descriptor.


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