Evaluate a User

When you create an evaluation, you select the user you want to evaluate and the form you want to evaluate them with. You can complete the evaluation immediately or return to it later.

  1. On the navigation bar, click Evaluations > New evaluation. The New Evaluation page opens.

  2. In the Evaluation form drop-down list, click the form you want to use.
  3. In the School drop-down list, click the user's school.
  4. In the Staff drop-down list, click the user you want to evaluate.
  5. Optional: In the Course (optional) drop-down list, click a course. Depending on the school you selected, you may not see the Course (optional) drop-down list.
  1. Click Create Evaluation. The evaluation appears.

    If you don't want to complete the evaluation now, you can return to it when you are ready by clicking Evaluations > View evaluations and then clicking View next to the evaluation.

  2. Optional: Refer to the table below to see what you can do before submitting the evaluation.

    Add a mentor with permission to either view or edit the evaluation.

    See Add a Mentor to an Evaluation.

    View the goals the user is working towards.
    See View a User's Goals.
    Track how long the evaluation takes to complete.
    See Add Observation Times to an Evaluation.
    Compare the descriptors you chose on past evaluations to the current evaluation.
    See Compare a Current Evaluation to Past Evaluations.
  1. Complete the evaluation.
  2. Beneath the evaluation, click Save or Submit.

If you submit the evaluation, the user can see it in their Teacher Evaluator account, and you can't edit the evaluation unless you un-submit it.

If you click Submit, a dialog box appears. You can select to Notify the teacher via email and/or Send a copy to the teacher's AdminPlus E-Portfolio. Then, click Submit.

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