Overview of Reports

Teacher Evaluator has three report generators you can use to export data to Excel: Massachusetts State Report, Custom Reporting, and Evaluation Data.

Schools in Massachusetts can use Massachusetts State Report to download an Excel spreadsheet with users' Massachusetts Education Personnel ID (MEPID) and professional status, which they can include in their state report. For more information, see Gather Data for a Massachusetts State Report.

You can use Custom Reporting to generate reports on the average evaluation scores of your schools, groups, and/or users; the groups that users belong to; the names of your schools, groups, and/or users; or all this information. In addition to exporting the data to Excel, you can view the report in Teacher Evaluator, where the data appears in neat tables. For more information, see Generate a Report on Average Evaluation Scores.

With Evaluation Data, you can generate reports on scores, comments, creation and last modified dates, submission status, and other evaluation data. Unlike Custom Reporting, which gives the average evaluation score for all evaluations, Evaluation Data gives individual evaluation scores for only the evaluations created with the form you specify. For more information, see Generate a Report on Evaluation Data.


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