Generate a Report on Average Evaluation Scores

You can generate a report on any or all of the following information: the names of your schools, groups, and/or users; the average evaluation scores of your schools, groups, and/or users; and the groups that users belong to. You can then view the report in Teacher Evaluator and print it or export the data to Excel.

  1. On the navigation bar, click Reports > Custom – Basic.
  2. In the All Columns list, click the columns of information you want in the report. The columns move to the Selected Columns list.
  1. In the School drop-down list, click All or a school.
  2. In the Group drop-down list, click All or a group.
  3. In the Teacher drop-down list, click All or a user in the selected school and group.

    If the teacher isn't in the school and group you selected, they won't appear in the report. If you select a school, group, and All users, only the users in your selected school and group appear in the report.

  1. Set a Start Date and End Date to calculate the average score of evaluations last modified in this range of dates.
  2. Click either of the following:
    • Create Report: The report appears. You can use your keyboard shortcut keys to print the page.

      To sort the data in the report, click the column header.

    • Export Data to Excel: The report downloads to your computer. You can open it in Excel.


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