Send Notifications with AP Notify from the AdminPlus Mobile App


Compose and Send a New Notification

Using AP Notify in the AdminPlus Mobile App, you can send notifications to students, parents, and staff via text, voice, and e-mail. To compose and send a notification, do the following:

  1. On the  Notify page, tap Compose.
  2. The New Notificationpage opens. Tap one or more notification type toggle switches and do the following:

    Notification Type


    Text Message

    Type a text message into the  Enter message  text box.


    Type a Display name, a  Subject, and e-mail message.

    Voice Message

    Tap the toggle switch to choose  Recording or Text to Voice.

    • Recording: TapSelect the voice recording, and then on the Select Recording  page, tap a recording.

    You can create a new recording by tapping the phone number below the Voice Message box.

    • Text to Voice: Add a text-to-voice message.

  3. After you select and configure each notification type you want to send, tap Next.
  4. The Send To page opens.

Send a Notification

To send the notification you composed, do the following:

  1. For District Accounts: On the Select Schools page, tap the check box for each school you want to include, or tap the All Schools check box.
  2. On the Send Topage, tap one of the following:

    Send To


    All Students/Contacts

    The Select Contacts page opens. Proceed to step 3.

    All Staff

    The Summary page opens. Proceed to step 4

    All Staff & Students/Contacts

    The Select Contacts  page opens. Proceed to  step 3.

    Select Grade Levels

    Tap the check box for each grade level you want to receive this notification, and then tap Next.

    Individual Students

    Tap the check box for each student you want to receive this notification, and then tap Next.

    Individual Staff

    Tap the check box for each staff member you want to receive this notification, and then tap Next.

  3. On the Select Contacts page, tap the toggle switch for  Students and/or Contacts.
    • If you only selected  Students, tap Next.
    • If you selected  Contacts, configure the contact settings, and then tap Next.
  1. Review the Summary page, and then tap Send.

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