AdminPlus Interface: Shortcut Icons and Hot Keys

With Administrator's Plus' shortcut icons and hot keys, you can access and edit module-specific information for the selected student or staff member. The shortcut icons are located on the right of the Home screen. The hot keys are located beneath the toolbar.

To keep the Home screen open when you click a hot key, in the toolbar, click View > New Window.

Shortcut Icons
Access the student or staff member's portfolio.
View all members of the student’s household.
Send the Current View in the Lookup screen to Excel.
Perform batch entries, and move or delete data.
Review data received from APWeb, Online Forms, PlusPortals, and FINACS.

Print reports related to the screen you are viewing.

For example, if you are on the Grades screen, you can print a transcript for the student. You can print the default report for the screen or an alternate report.

To change the alternate report, after clicking , click [Screen Name]: Change Task and select a report.

Set specifications related to the screen you are viewing.
Hot Keys
Edit, inactivate, or delete the student or staff member. Or, add a student or staff member.
View the student or staff member's attendance record.
View the student's grades.

Display the student or staff member's schedule in line or grid format.

When you click this hot key, the following hot keys appear:

  • Switch to Line Schedule.  
  • Switch to Grid Schedule.  
  • Speed-schedule the student into courses they've requested (if there is available space in the course). This hot key only appears when you are viewing the Line Schedule.
View the student's incident and penalty totals.
View the student's invoices and billing summary.
Create ID cards.
View the student's attendance for each period.
Apply payments to the student's billing records.

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