School: Daily Attendance Dashboard


The School > Daily Attendance dashboard is used to receive Daily Attendance from Teacher Plus, edit Daily Attendance, and view Daily Absent and Tardy totals.

Edit features are only available if the AdminPlus Supervisor has requested edit from and has selected to edit Attendance in Schools that use any combination of the Scanning or Receive from File should continue to edit in classic until these features are added in


Daily Attendance Dashboard
Viewing Attendance For: Opens to today's date by default. Click Change Date to view/edit attendance for another date.
Add Date: Here you can Add a New Day to the calendar. For more information about this, see Add a Day to the Calendar.

Adding the date in classic Administrator's Plus is no longer an option when Edit is enabled for Attendance. However, you will need to continue to use classic Administrator's Plus to Delete a Day or Insert a Day into the calendar. This feature will be available in the future.


Monthly Attendance View opens to the current month by default. Use the left or right arrows to view a different month. Toggle between Absences and Tardy to see the daily totals for the month.


Receive Attendance displays the counts for Homeroom attendance Submitted from TeacherPlus Gradebook, the number Approved for the day, and the number Not Submitted. Click on the expand icon  to review and approve submitted attendance or view the Exception list.

Receive Attendance on the Daily Attendance Dashboard is the same as Approval Center Daily Attendance.

Edit Student Attendance displays the student totals for Absences, Tardy, and Dismissals for the selected date and indicates the trend. Red up arrow if the total is more than the last attendance day, Green down arrow if less, or Blue side to side arrow if the total is the same. Click the expand icon  to enter/edit student attendance.
Edit Staff Attendance displays the number of Staff Absences for the day. Click the expand icon  to enter/edit staff attendance.
Daily Attendance Bulletin allows a user to enter notes about the current day under Note 1 and Note 2. Select the gear icon to update the settings. Select the expand icon to view the Daily Attendance Bulletin. 

Period Attendance can be used to bring in Daily Attendance if the school does not use Homeroom sections for attendance.

In future the right side of the screen will be used to run Daily Attendance Reports.

Edit Attendance

To edit an existing attendance entry, or add a new entry, do the following:

The steps are the same for both Students and Staff. Batch Entry is currently only available for Student Attendance.

  1. In the Edit Student Attendance widget, click the expand icon  to enter/edit attendance.
  2. The Enter Student Daily Attendance Page opens. Any attendance previously entered or received from the Holding Bin will appear.
  3. See the Diagram and Table below for more information on Editing or Adding a new attendance entry.

    Edit Attendance
    • Select Add Attendance Entries to add attendance data for a student.
    • Search for the student by Name or APID. On default Contains is selected when searching:
    • Select a code from the dropdown in Code 1.
    • Optional: Select a code from the dropdown in Code 2.

      If a code such as Tardy or Dismissed is selected for Code1 or Code 2, a default time of HR will be entered. Click to enter a specific time.

    • Optional: Add any comments about this attendance entry.
    • Select Save or Save and Add Another if more attendance needs to be entered.

    Select Batch Entry to batch enter attendance data for students. See Batch Entry for more information. 

    To edit an existing entry, select Edit . The Edit Daily Attendance window opens. Here you can select a new code in Code 1, add an additional code in Code 2, and update the comments. To save your changes click Save.

    To delete and existing entry, select Delete .

Batch Entry

To batch enter Student Daily Attendance, do the following:

  1. Go to School > Daily Attendance > Edit Student Attendance.
  2. Select Batch Entry.
  3. The Batch Entry popup window opens.
  4. In the upper left, the school day, date and day of the week is listed. 
    1. Select which Code(s) should be entered. Enter a Time if applicable
    2. Add a comment.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select Students by one of the following:
    • Select By Grade Level and their status:
    • Select By DB Field(s) (up to 5), Grade Level and Student Status:
    • Select By Views:
    • Select By Individual Students - Search by name, then click on name to select. Continue until all necessary students are selected:
  7. Confirm Batch Entry. Select I agree to batch enter the attendance data for the selected students for "School Day Date Here ". Click Confirm.

Daily Attendance Bulletin

The Daily Attendance Bulletin Widget displays Note 1 and Note 2. This name has been updated. This was previously known as Corrections & Messages and Nurse Dismissals option in classic Administrator's Plus. Select the gear icon to customize your settings:

  1. Include Which Students: Select All Grades or select specific grade levels.
  2. Group Bulletin By: Select a specific field, such as Grade Level, or select Do Not Group.
  3. Show Which Student Name: Select Full Name or select a created field, such as Nickname.
  4. Show Which Student ID? Select a Field such as APID or select Do Not Print.
  5. Include Which Fields? Choose any or all of the following: 
    • Staff Absences
    • Note 1 
    • Note 2
    • Attendance Totals
    • Attendance Comments
    • Excused/Unexcused
    • Consecutive Absences and Tardies (Register Code)
    • Cumulative Absences and Tardies (Register Code)
    • Count Half Absences for Consecutive/Cumulative Absences
  6. Date Range for Cumulative Absences: Select a Start Date/End Date
  7. Click Save.

Once the settings have been saved, select the expand icon to view the Daily Attendance Bulletin. See the diagram and table below for more information.

Daily Attendance Bulletin
Daily Attendance By: The information displayed, as well as how the students are sorted is based on the settings previously set. The School Day and Datewill display along the top. When all settings are selected, the following will display:
  • Selected Student ID (APID)
  • Student Name
  • Code
  • Time
  • E/U (Excused/Unexcused)
  • Consecutive
  • Cumulative
  • Comment 
Select the Gear icon to adjust your settings. Select Print to view as a PDF. Select Download to save the PDF.
Staff Absence displays the staff members absent for the selected date. The following information is included:
  • Staff Name
  • Code
  • Comment
Any notes entered for Note 1 will be displayed here.
Any notes entered for Note 2 will be displayed here.

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