Manage Students: Enter Comments, Narratives, and Private Memos

TeacherPlus offers different types of remarks, including comments, narratives, and private memos. Comments contain a list of predefined remarks set by your administrator (for example, "Shows originality"), whereas narratives are entirely customized by you. Private memos provide a space to reference a student's progress or accommodations (among any other notes), and only you can view the memos. Both narratives and comments can be included in reports and also sent to AdminPlus.

To perform the tasks in this topic, make sure the [Comments & Narratives] template is active. You can also create a custom template that includes the Comments and Narratives columns. For more information on templates, see Create a New Template.

Enter a Comment

  1. In the appropriate comment column, click the cell for the student you want to assign a comment to.

    The default comment columns are Effort (EFT) and Citizenship (CIT). These columns and the comments are customized in AdminPlus. The columns you see in your gradebook may be different.

  1. In the comment column cell, start typing the comment you want to enter or the number assigned to that comment, and then do either of the following:
    • Click the comment when it appears in the drop-down list.
    • Select the comment using the arrow keys.

      To see all comments in the drop-down list, type anything in the cell, and then press Backspace to delete what you typed. This results in an unfiltered list of comments. You can also right-click the cell and click Enter Comment to select the comment from a list.

  2. Click anywhere outside of the cell, press Enter, or press Tab to save your selection.
    When you save a comment by pressing Enter, you can immediately begin typing a comment for the next student in the grid.

Batch Enter a Comment

  1. In a comment column, right-click and then click Batch Entry in the shortcut menu.
  2. In the Batch Entry  dialog box, do either of the following:
    • Click next to the Find comment box, click a comment, click Select, click next to the replace with this comment box, click a comment, and click Select.
    • Click Fill Column with, click next to the Fill Column With box, click a comment, and click Select.
      This feature is used to replace existing comments and add the selected comment to every student's record.
      1. At the top of the Batch Entry  dialog box, click OK, and then click Yes  to confirm.
  3. At the top of the Batch Entry  dialog box, click OK, and then click Yes to confirm.

Enter a Narrative

  1. In the Name column, right-click a student's name.
  2. In the shortcut menu, click Private Memo.
  3. Enter your notes in the text box, and click Save.
    After you enter a private memo, appears next to the student's name. Click  to view the private memo.

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