Manage Students: View a Student's Individualized Education Program (IEP)

You can view a student's IEP by enabling the IEP column.


In order for the IEP feature to work as whole, the following must take place:

  • If using AdminPlus to store students' IEP files, the students' IEP must be added via AdminPlus.
  • If using IEP Direct, your TeacherPlus manager must have configured the IEP Direct integration in AdminPlus and in the TeacherPlus Management Site.
  • You must select the IEP column in TeacherPlus when creating a template. For more information on creating template views, see the topic Create a New Template.
  • Your school must have the Portfolio module.

IEP files in TeacherPlus are display-only files. If your school uses the IEP Direct interface, you can edit IEP files in IEP Direct. If your school does not have IEP Direct, you must edit IEP files locally and add them in AdminPlus.

Enable the IEP Column

To enable the IEP column and view a student's IEP file, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click a student's name, and click Select DB Column from the shortcut menu.
  2. In the Select DB Column dialog box, click IEP, and then click Select.
    The IEP column appears in your gradebook and appears next to students with an IEP.

    When you add the IEP column, the current TeacherPlus layout template changes to [Custom]. This template is temporary, and you must save it as a new template of your own to keep the column in the current view for future use.

  1. In the IEP column, click for the selected student.
    Depending on your browser, the IEP file will either open in a browser window, or be downloaded to your downloads folder.

Hide the IEP Column

If at a later point you decide you don't need the IEP column in your current view, you can hide the column.

To hide the IEP column, right-click the IEP column, and then click Remove (Hide) Current Column = IEP.

Hiding the IEP column changes the current template layout to [Custom], which is temporary. To make the change permanent, save the current view template as a new one. You could have a template that contains the IEP column and one that doesn't contain it. 

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