Manage Assignment Columns: Score Columns

Score columns are at the center of your gradebook's functionality. You can add score columns to a class gradebook to record scores and information for each of your assignments. Score columns can be customized, re-used, and managed from the class gradebook interface. You can organize your score columns from the gradebook settings.

Score Column Management

You can add a score column for each assignment and customize the assignment column's name and details. Score columns are only used for assignments. Assignment score columns contain the following fields:


This field should contain a descriptive title for the assignment. It's the only field that's always displayed in the Column Header. The name can be up to 100 characters.


This is the only optional field. It can contain a detailed description of the assignment. The description can be up to 1000 characters.


Assignment categories are customized and created in the TeacherPlus Gradebook Management site. If they haven't been customized, the default categories are Quiz, Homework, and Test. You can only create and/or edit categories if teachers have the proper permissions in the TeacherPlus Gradebook Management site.

Maximum Possible Points

This field should contain the maximum point value for an assignment. Assignment category weights can also affect the overall value of an assignment. You can only edit category weights if teachers have the proper permissions in TeacherPlus Gradebook Management site.


This field should contain the date a test or a quiz was administered or the date a homework assignment is due.

Marking Period

This field is automatically set to the marking period displayed in the gradebook.
When you create or edit an assignment column, you can also choose to lock the column, count it in averages, add it to PlusPortals as Homework, make it public, and link it to skills/standards.
If you've already created a column with the name and details you want, you can copy it to other gradebooks or add it from a previous year. You can also delete columns individually or in bulk.
 For more information, see the following tasks:

Score Column Organization

To organize the score columns in your gradebooks, you can sort score columns by name, by date, or by category  and  date. Once you've selected sort criteria, you can choose to sort in ascending or descending order. This feature can help you organize your score columns in a way that suits your workflow, making it easier to scan your gradebook to locate specific score columns. For more information on sorting columns, see Sort Score Columns.

Score Column Headers

To further customize or organize your score columns, you can display information such as name, description, and possible points in the column header. You can also display statistics, such as mean, median, and variance. This allows you to view the information that is important to you at a glance. You can also hide this information at any time by minimizing the column header. When minimized, the column header only displays the column name and possible points. For more information, see Customize Header Rows.

Score Column Privacy, Locking, and Visibility

In your gradebooks, you have a number of options for managing how you or your students can interact with score columns. You can set columns to public or private, locked or unlocked, and even (temporarily) to hidden. For more information, see Score Column Privacy, Locking, and Visibility.



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