Manage Assignment Columns: Customize Header Rows

Header rows display information about your score columns. This feature includes basic information, such as Name, Description, and Possible Points, as well as more in-depth statistics, such as Mean, Median, and Variance. You can select as many header rows as you'd like. Only the Name row is required. However, we do recommend that you include a minimum of Name, Date, and Possible Points in the header. With the Date row, you can see when a test or a quiz was administered or the date a homework assignment is due. With the Possible Points row , you can compare the point values of your assignments.

If you prefer a detailed header but have large classes that are difficult to view with limited screen space, you can temporarily hide header rows with a single click. When you hide header rows, only the Name and Possible Points rows remain visible. In addition, you can customize how the statistics rows handle withdrawn students. These students can be included or excluded from the data set, depending on your preference or school policy.

Select Header Rows

To customize score column header rows, do one of the following:

  1. On the side navigation menu, click Settings, and then click the Header Rows tab.
  2. Right-click a score column header row, and then click Select Header Rows.
  3. Select which header rows to display, and then click OK.

    The Name row is mandatory. It's always the first column header row. Default rows are in black font, and additional rows are in green font. You can select any number of rows. If you choose to display statistical information, click Tools > Recalculate Statistics upon entering new scores to ensure your statistical data is always up to date.

Temporarily Hide Header Rows

If you need to maximize screen space to fit all of the students in your gradebook, you can hide the header rows. This leaves only the Name and Possible Points rows visible.

To temporarily hide score column header rows, next to the class name on the score column header, click .

When you want to return to the normal view, click .

Include Withdrawn Students in Column Statistics

Column statistics (such as Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, and Variance) exclude withdrawn students' scores from their data sets. If you want to include data from withdrawn students in these statistics, you need to enable that option in the View Settings tab.

To include withdrawn students in column statistics, do the following:

  1. On the side-navigation menu, click Settings, and then click the Header Rows tab.
  2. Under Withdrawn Students, select the Include withdrawn students for column statistics check box, and then click OK.

Clear this check box to exclude withdrawn students from column statistics.

If you decide to include withdrawn students in column statistics, you should also include withdrawn students in your gradebook. For more information, see Show Inactive Students in Your Gradebook.

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