Customize Administrator's Plus: Manage Users and User Rights

The manage users screen is used to add or remove users in AdminPlus, as well as to assign those users rights to each Administrator’s Plus module in your Home School(s). You can also view your Home Users’ rights to Remote Schools from here.

Once the new user has been created, you will need to set their Contact Data Base Rights as well as their Super DB Rights. For more information about this, please see:
Assign Contact Database Rights to AdminPlus Users
Edit SuperDB Table User Rights


Opening the Manage Users Dialog Box

  1. Click File > Users/Security (Enhanced).

    If other windows are currently open within AdminPlus, you may need to select File > Close first.

  2. In the Enhanced Security dialog box, click 1. Manage Users, and then click Next.

    The Manage Home Users dialog box opens. This is the main menu for adding and editing users and passwords for your Home School.

Creating a New User

Before users can access Administrator’s Plus, they must first be added to the user list. The Supervisor in the school will need to add users, activate their account, and assign rights to modules and schools before they are able to log in.

To add a new user and assign their rights, do the following:

  1. In the Manage Home Users dialog box, click New User [F2] to add a user to the first available empty slot. Type the new user’s name and press Enter to save your changes.

    Usernames may contain up to 20 characters. Usernames and passwords may contain any combination of alpha or numeric characters. Usernames and passwords in AdminPlus may not contain symbols such as @, $, #, etc.

  2. The cursor is now in the Password field. Enter a password for the user and then press Enter

Edit Home User Rights

  1. In the Manage Home Users dialog box, double-click the user you want to view and edit rights for.
  2. Click the school you wish to give the user rights to.

    If you only have one school in your RS4 folder, this school is automatically highlighted.

  3. For the user to log in, their account must be activated. Select the Active check box next to the school name.
  4. Click Edit Rights for The Highlighted School button (or double-click on the school name).

    A new window opens that allows you to see the user’s rights to each module and database page. You can also see if the user account is active, and whether or not that user has been granted Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor rights.

  5. Assign rights to each module and address page by selecting the check box(es) the appropriate column(s). The levels of rights are defined as:
    • All Rights (A): The user has rights to view, edit, and delete all information in this module/Address page.
    • Read Only (R): The user may view all of the data in this module/ Address page, but they may not edit or delete the data.
    • No Rights (N): The user may not access this module/ Address page.

      When assigning rights to the Data Base module, you must assign rights to each page of the database as well as the module itself. Page rights cannot supersede the rights assigned to the Data Base module.

  6. When you have finished assigning the user’s rights, click Done.
  7. Once their rights have been set, you will receive the following prompt. Do one of the following:
    • Click Copy Rights to Past Years to apply the recently changed rights to the past years in Administrator's Plus.

    • Click View Past Year Rights to view or manually change the rights in past years.

    • Click Cancel to exit and save the changes you made to the user rights.

      If you want to edit past years rights at a later time, you can click the Past Years tab in the Edit Home User Rights dialog box to assign rights for past years. Denying rights to past years prevents users from accessing modules in past years folders, but it does not prevent them from changing archival information in the current year.

You can now see the user’s rights color coded to visually represent their rights to each module. Modules with All Rights are colored green, Read Only rights are colored yellow, and No Rights are colored red.

Shortcut Buttons

There are several buttons on the Edit Home User Rights screen that can save you time when assigning rights to your users. The functions of these buttons are detailed below.

Copy Rights From Another User

This button allows you to copy all of the rights from one user to the user you are currently editing.

Copy Rights From Another School

If you have already assigned rights for the current user to one school in your RS4 folder, you can apply them to any other school in your RS4 folder using this button.


Clicking this button gives you the following options for quickly assigning the current user’s rights:

  • Set All Module Rights for the Highlighted School to “A”
  • Set All Module Rights for the Highlighted School to “R”
  • Set All Module Rights for the Highlighted School to “N”
  • Set All Module Rights for All Schools to “A”
  • Set All Module Rights for All Schools to “R”
  • Set All Module Rights for All Schools to “N”

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