Scores and Grading: Drop the Lowest Score in a Marking Period

Using the Drop Scores feature, you can drop one or more of students' overall lowest score(s) in a marking period. You can either have TeacherPlus automatically determine what a student's lowest score is, or you can manually drop whichever score you prefer. Because TeacherPlus determines what the lowest score should be only at the time you run the feature, it's recommended you use the feature only at the end of the marking period (since grades are subject to change before then). Dropped scores can be undone if needed.

Automatically Drop the Lowest Score for All Students

  1. On the side navigation menu, click Grading.
  2. Click the Drop Scores tab.
  3. Click the desired Category Name for which you'd like to drop all lowest scores.
  4. Optional: To cancel any previously dropped scores, select the Undo any previous dropped scores check box.

    There may be times when you decide to drop lowest scores before the end of a marking period. Having dropped such scores, it's possible that new low scores might be added later, which are even lower than the lowest scores previously dropped. If you typically drop only one lowest score per category per marking period, you'd want to recalculate dropping the lowest scores again (given the new lowest scores). Selecting Undo any previous dropped scores cancels any previously dropped scores and enables you to recalculate from scratch.

  5. Click Drop Scores.

  6. To drop yet another lowest score for the selected category, clear the Undo any previous dropped scores check box, and repeat steps 1–5.

Automatically Drop the Lowest Score for a Single Student

  1. Right-click a student's name.
  2. Click Drop Lowest Score for [Last, First] from the shortcut menu.
  3. In the Drop Lowest Score dialog box, click any category from the list, and click Yes.

Manually Drop a Score for a Single Student

  1. Right-click a score for a student.
  2. Click Drop This Score from the drop-down list.

Undo Dropped Scores

The following table explains different ways you can undo dropped scores:




Undo a dropped score.

Right-click a score, and then click Undo Dropped Score (Include in Average).

Undo dropped scores for a student.

Right-click any of a student's scores, and then click Undo Dropped Scores for [Last, First].

Undo dropped scores for all students.

Click Grading, click the Drop Scores tab, click a score category, and then click Undo Previously Dropped Score.


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