Install and Set Up: Configure AdminPlus Notify for the First Time

You can launch AdminPlus Notify directly from AdminPlus by clicking the chat bubble Quick Launch icon on the toolbar. The first time you launch the application, the Configuration screen appears, and you're prompted to configure the service. This must be done before any notifications can be sent. Once you've completed the initial setup, then you can choose which contact fields you want to send notifications to.


Before you configure AdminPlus Notify, you must first install and activate the service. For more information, see Install and Activate AdminPlus Notify.

Configure Notify Service

To access the Configuration screen after the initial setup, click Specifications > Configure notify service.

  1. Configure the initial setup dialog box as follows:


    Setup Option


    User Name, Password, and DID/Shortcode

    Enter the User Name, Password, and DID/Shortcode information found in your AdminPlus Notify order e-mail.

    Caller ID

    Enter the phone number you would like to be displayed to students, parents, and staff when notifications are sent.

    The phone number must be exactly 10 digits. International schools can disable the 10 digit restriction. See International School and International Prefix below.

    Household Phone

    Map this field to the students' household phone. Click the dotted option button to the right of the field to see all the DB field mapping options.

    Student Mobile

    Map this field to the AdminPlus Data Base field used for student mobile phones. Even if your school chooses not to send notifications to students' mobile phones, it's still recommended that you map this field during the initial setup. This way, you can easily configure AdminPlus Notify later on to send notifications to students' mobile phones, household phones, and/or e-mail addresses, depending on your school's preferred methods of contact.

    Student E-Mail

    Map this field to the AdminPlus Data Base field used for student e-mail.

    Staff School E-Mail and Staff Personal E-Mail

    Map the staff school and personal e-mail. Even if you choose not to send notifications to your staff's personal e-mail, it's still a good idea to do the mapping now and later decide whether or not to send notifications to their personal e-mail. Make sure the check box for each field is selected.

    Staff Home Phone and Staff Mobile

    Map the staff home and mobile phone. Again, it's best to map both of these fields during the initial setup so you can later choose which field to send the notifications to, depending on your school's preferred methods of contact.

    Notification Service Alternate URL

    Leave this field blank, unless instructed otherwise by our tech support team. Rarely, in times of preplanned system maintenance, this setting could be used to submit notification jobs through a temporary site.

    International School and International Prefix

    Select this field to allow more than 10 digits in a phone number. Optionally, enter the international prefix for the phone number in the text box.


    Type the e-mail signature to be added to the notification e-mails.

    Disclaimer E-Mail Text

    Enter an e-mail disclaimer similar to the one in the figure above to help recipients quickly and easily identify the nature of the notification.

    Unsubscribe E-Mail Address

    Enter the actual unsubscribe e-mail that someone at your school will be monitoring regularly. Parents, students, and staff will click the e-mail you enter in this field to unsubscribe to your notifications.

    Mapping fields for Contact Database is not necessary, as the fields are fixed and already set up.

  2. Click Additional E-Mail Settings.
  3. On the Set AdminPlus Notify Users tab, select the check box for each AdminPlus user who will be able to send e-mails, text messages, or voice messages, and make sure to enter an e-mail address for each selected user to grant them access to the application. 

    If you don't enter an e-mail for a selected user, he or she won't be able to access AdminPlus Notify.

  4. On the Set Global REPLY Addresses tab, enter one or more global reply/from addresses (up to 10 addresses).
    This feature gives an AdminPlus Notify user the flexibility to choose any of the reply/from e-mail addresses when sending a notification. For example, if someone at the front desk sends a notification to people in a given department, the selected reply/from e-mail (for example, the department's official e-mail address) will be displayed in the e-mail instead of the e-mail address of the front desk user who sent the notification.

  5. Click Done to close the Additional E-Mail Settings dialog box, and then click Done to complete the initial setup.
    Once you complete the initial setup, you'll be taken to the Send Notifications screen. To access the Configuration screen after the initial setup, click Specifications > Configure notify service, and then click Next. Only the supervisor account can access the Configuration screen.

Select Contact Fields for a Notification

If during the initial setup, you mapped more than one contact field for a notification type, you can now choose which of those field(s) to send notifications to. For example, if you mapped both a mobile phone and a home phone for contacts, you can choose to send voice message notifications to one or both of these mapped phone numbers. Similarly, if you mapped both a personal e-mail and a school e-mail for staff, you can choose to send e-mail notifications to one or both of these mapped e-mail addresses. Because text messages are always sent to mobile phones, this feature only applies to voice messages and e-mail notifications. Any authorized user can access this feature.

  1. In the Notification Type area, click Specifications > Contacts.

  2. Click the recipient group you want to select contact fields for, and then click Next.

  3. Select the check box for each contact field you want to send notifications to.

    It's recommended that schools not select the Office Phone field option for contacts. Oftentimes, office phones require an extension, which prevents a voice message notification from being delivered.

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