Approval Center: Incidents

The Approval Center is used to view and manage incoming data. Each source has a widget that displays the number of records in each status, click on the number to go to the corresponding tab.  


Displays the number of Incidents Submitted, Approved, and Deleted. Click on the expand icon to review.

Only schools that have been setup to edit and have selected to edit Incidents in will be able to expand to use the edit features.

The diagram and table below describe the tasks you can perform from the Approval Center for Incidents. Each tab has a similar layout. The left side lists the incident summary and the right side shows the detail for each incident.

Approval Center: Incidents
Incident Log
Click the print icon to print the table below.
Click the export icon to export the table below to Excel.
Click the delete icon to delete the selected incidents.
Click Approve to receive the selected incidents into and classic Administrator's Plus.

Select tab to view sections by status

  • Submitted teacher has submitted student incident but it hasn't been approved yet.
  • Approved submitted incident has been approved and received into and Administrator's Plus.
  • Deleted submitted incident has been deleted.
Use the top check box to select all sections or sections can be selected individually.
Sort column alphabetically in ascending or descending order by clicking the column header. An arrow up or down next to the column header indicates that the column is sorted.
Use the filter icon to filter the column. A check box above the filter indicates that a filter has been applied.
Click the icon to view submitted date and time.
The right side of the screen displays the detail for the selected incident on the left.
The print icon will print the detail below.
If no boxes are checked on the left the Delete button will be enabled to delete the incident detail displayed.
If no boxes are checked on the left the Approve button will be enabled to receive the incident detail displayed.

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