Send Notifications: Send a Voice Notification Remotely from a Phone

In addition to extending the functionality of Administrator's Plus, the AdminPlus Notify service also offers a solution for rare occasions when you don't have access to Administrator's Plus but must send a notification from outside the school (for example, due to severe weather conditions). If you anticipate needing to send notifications from outside the school, you can create a recipient list ahead of time and then later take advantage of this solution to send a voice message remotely from any phone.


To send a voice message remotely from a phone, you must have saved the desired recipients as a list. For more information, see Create a Recipient List. You will also need the following:

  • The Voice Broadcasting System phone number: 866-419-1646
  • Your school's AdminPlus Notify user name and password (You can find your credentials by clicking Specifications > Configure notify service in the Send Notifications screen.)
  • The ID of the recipient list you wish to send the notification to (Find the ID by clicking Management > List management in the Send Notifications screen.)
  • The ID of the recorded message you want to use for the notification, if you're sending a previously recorded voice message (Find the ID by clicking Management > Document management in the Send Notifications screen.)

Send a Remote Voice Notification

  1. Dial the Voice Broadcasting System phone number (866-419-1646).
  2. When prompted by the automated service, do the following:
    • For your customer ID, enter your AdminPlus Notify user name.
    • For your passcode, enter your AdminPlus Notify password.
    • Press the option to initiate a broadcast.
    • If you have previously recorded a voice message and know its ID, press the option to enter the ID. If you don't have a recorded message ID, press the option to record a voice message.
    • Enter the ID for the recipient list you created in AdminPlus Notify.

      You must have this ID number in hand before initiating the voice message notification over the phone. You cannot look up a recipient list ID over the phone.

    • Enter a call back number for the notification.
    • Follow the prompts to set when the notification is to be delivered.
    • When the notification is sent, wait on the line for a job ID confirmation.

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